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Welcome To Baytec Containers Blog
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baytec Containers
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Our Products:
Baytec Blog
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June 22, 2017
Get Your Savings Today!  Choose from Thousands of Products no matter what your need may be; Personal, Industrial, or Emergency Preparedness, we have what you need or can find it!  Don't see what you want call us 800-460-DRUM. 

Over 5,000 Drum and Barrel Items available

We Retail and Wholesale all Types of PlastiWater Barrels, Food Barrels, Fuel Barrels, Flotation Barrels,  Chemical Drum Barrels,  Rain Water Barrels,  
Fresh water barrels storage and water storage container for commercial or personal water storage use.

We stock Plastic Drums And Plastic Barrels in 5 gallon15 gal30 gal55 gallon,50 gal water storage bag, 6
0 gallon water storage bag and  water storage bags by Aquatank, new, used and reconditioned.

We also sell FDA approved PLASTIC BUCKETS AND PLASTIC PAILS in 1,2,3.5,5,and 6 gallon size as well as miscl. Pumps,faucetsbung wrenches and other  PLASTIC STORAGE BARRELS, DRUMS, BAGS, and DRUM HEATER
CONTAINER accessories.
We are The #1 Rain Barrel Seller on the Internet. All rain water barrels we sell are manufactured from new FDA Approved plastic barrels or  reconditioned food grade plastic barrels. We can custom manufacture a rain water barrel for you.
 Call today for a volume quote.

We are a Factory Authorized Gamma Seal Dealer. We sell Gamma Seal Lids by the case, pallet or singles if you only need one. We have the lowest price on the Web. Before you make your purchase from any other source, please call us for a quote. Construction: FDA food-grade material ( no PVC--no odor or tastes added by material). Durable: Outstanding tensile, tear, impact and abrasion resistance. Excellent freeze/thaw ability.
 Order TODAY!
We look forward to serving you and providing seasonal email promotions and news about our products.
Please click the links below to forward to a friend or sign up to the mailing list for all future emails from Baytec Services, LLC.

Hospitality Team
BayTec | (888)460-DRUM (3786)| sales@baytec.net|
 P.O. Box 838, Bacliff, TX 77518
Order $150.00 or More in Product for Discount. Get 12% for your order in all the products; shipping and handling, tax and 
Use CODE: Prep17
Offer Expires 06/30/2017  Available at our online store only.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Take advantage of our Deals and Steals

From 10-50% OFF!!!
If you don't find your item on Sale

Use our Discount Coupon Below!
Pause this Memorial Day to remember, your allowed to wear, walk, talk, drive, live and play the way YOU want because someone sacrificed their life to fight for our freedom.  

SAVE 10%

Spring is coming to a close and Summer will soon be here!  For only a few more days we have our Spring discount available to apply to your product total.  Get 10% off of your purchase of $75 dollars or more.  Want to split it feel free to make 5 orders of 75 and get the 10% off!  

Use Coupon Code: SPRING
Offer Expires 05/31/2017, Midnight
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BayTec Containers, 4761 Hwy 146, Bacliff, TX 77518

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Use Your Coupon Before Time Runs OUT!
To help you get your New Start before Spring ends

We would like to offer you a Sweet Smelling Deal!  

Get 10% Off with a $75.00 purchase 
through the end of May.  

Use Code: SPRING
Expires: May 31st, 11:59pm

  WEBSITE 800-560-2334 * EMAIL

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Prepare like the Lotus Flower in the Spring.

We're The Lotus Flower is seen as a special sign throughout the world and in many cultures.  In the Spring this flower is preparing for bloom and preparing for the struggle of growing through the muck into the sun.   
Rain Water Collection
 Generally the meaning focus' upon the lotus flower is Hope and Enlightenment. Rising up from the mud into the light, from a pod to a flower.  

In a time of a natural disaster, or drought one uses hope to try to get through their struggles.  Why hope, when you can Prepare!  Collecting water is the number one essential type of preparation a person can perform.  With little effort you can prevent the worst conditions during the harsh summer months. This can be fun and festive such as this painted scene of lotus flowers on a Koi Pond.  You can paint your Rainbarrels in many colors and use images such as this one to disguise your barrel.  
Just like the lotus flower and many who are preparing so should you prepare for a potential struggle, such as those HOT summer months with a potential drought. 

Spring rain showers are a perfect time to start your rain water collection.  This signal and growth is seen as a symbolic notion that your on the right path and your life is blessed. 

During the Spring Season the lotus flower is growing and struggling, some say the struggle is not fully known, but this struggle is the reason it rises high through the water to find the light above and pop open to a beautiful layered flower.   
As Spring comes to an end, the lotus flower comes into bloom.  The first weekend in July everyone gathers in Japan at 4am to see the first of the flowers bloom with just the hope that this view may have a significance on their lives.  

Some of the colors mean different things and there are many across the rainbow. These colors as well as where they grow, may have specific meanings to different cultures, but overall, across the world it is a flower that represents growth from struggle.  

Like the colors of the lotus flower you can specify and code the many different buckets and pails and color code them for emergency food storage.  Having the variety of colors allows you to see the color and grab it real quick opposed to sifting through tons of other buckets and pails to get what your looking for in the middle of the struggle. 
Using Color Coded 5 Gallon Buckets & Pails gives you the organization needed during disasters, storms, earthquakes and droughts, when lights may be out and your using a flashlight. 
Just like looking at the magnificent colors of the lotus flower and smelling their sweet aroma will put you into a feeling of Nirvana, so will having the security of having your emergency containers prepared. 

 The aroma of the flowers blanket the morning dew across the lakes and ponds giving all who encounter them a peaceful and relaxed feeling to be one with nature.

 Like the small tucked pod of the beginning of the lotus flower, which represent the birth of new times and a fresh start for new activities.  This flower works all spring pushing up to reach the top of the water and then begins to crack open to absorb the full essence of the sun. 

The term wake up at the 'crack' of dawn comes from this experience in that you can actually hear the lotus flowers crack open when the light of dawn hits them.  

A feeling of a spiritual ending and new beginning and fresh start or a new birth.  Metaphorically, this flower is used to help those in times of turmoil or at odds with occurrences with hope to new beginnings. 

The lotus flower closes at night and opens in the morning; this happens several times throughout the next month until it dies which further represents something as it goes through the cycle of life.  

Many people use this flower as their go to symbol when they go through times of trouble knowing that this is the process of the lotus flower opening and closing each day.  This is the power they feel for a new chance to make things right.  This Spring make it your time to get things Right 
and use Baytec's New Drinking Containers and Water Drums to keep fresh water on hand to ensure your survival if there is a disaster or emergency.  There are many different options including different colors and sizes to help you keep fresh water on hand as well as our water purification solution, Purogene , to keep your drinking water clean and fight against bacteria growing in your water.  

Start fresh and forget about the hard times. 

 Collecting rain water, storing long term food and drinking water in new barrels along with a few other emergency supplies can give you this type of comfort and security.  So don't be left out in the Winter cold, use the Spring to prepare for the struggle in the Summer months, Just In Case. 
Written By: Pamala Hook
To help you get your New Start before Spring ends

We would like to offer you a Sweet Smelling Deal!  

Get 10% Off with a $75.00 purchase 
through the end of May.  

Use Code: SPRING
Expires: May 31st, 11:59pm

  WEBSITE 800-560-2334 * EMAIL
BayTec Containers, 4761 Hwy 146, Bacliff, TX 77518

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