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Baytec Containers Posting Page
Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey this a Great Rain Barrel with Great Rain Barrel Price. Only $69.95 with free shipping. I have checked the whole internet for rain barrels  and rain water barrels and i can safely say this is without a doubt the lowest price.
Check it out...run a search for rain water barrels in any search engine..Google,Bing or Yahoo and you will get the same results I did for Rain Water Barrels and rain Barrels.

RAIN WATER BARREL 35 GAL Free Shipping This Item!

Free Shipping This Item!

Rain Water Barrel Kit Includes
1-35 gallon Reconditioned Open-Top Plastic Rain Water barrel
1-Installed Bulk-Head Fitting
1-3/4" Faucet-Foodgrade;Your choice of Sink faucet or Flow Rite Faucet
1-Gutter Down Spout Diverter Kit Standard 2x3 (Garden Water Saver Brand)

Tips for How To Install a Rain Barrel

Place your Rain Barrel on a Level Surface: Remember Safety,Safety, Safety should always be on you mind when you do any project,so, use only a flat and a very level surface for the position of your Rain barrel. Place your Rain Barrel on blocks, if  possible. Full rain barrels can weigh in excess of 456 lbs(8.33x55). when full and you don't want the rain barrel to fall over when full.

Downspout Kit: After you have setup  your rain water barrel, you will need to remove a part on of your gutter for the downspout kit connector in-order to direct the rain water into your rain barrel.

Excess Water: Be sure the over-flow connector or faucet is in your Rain barrel and positioned  away from your  building foundation.

Winter Storage: In areas where the water can freeze Empty or drain your rain water barrel, remove the faucet, connector hose, and any drain plugs before storing. When possible relocate your barrel to a protected area but if the rain water barrel must remain outside turn it upside down and secure it to prevent rain water accumulation which can freeze and possibly damage your rain barrel.

by: Baytec Containers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people have the best price on the internet. I live in the Austin,texas area and I had a rain barrel with free shipping, shipped all the way to my mothers home in Seattle, Washington. They shipped right on time with no problems at all.ec
Thanks Baytec

Sue Ford
Round Rock, Tx

November 7, 2009 at 4:40 PM  
Blogger sandra said...

Nice tutorial of how to install a Rain Barrel. They are providing best services and product. It would be great deal in $69.95.


November 26, 2009 at 10:38 PM  

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