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Baytec Containers Posting Page
Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Just like we always have to have the first aid kits at home in case accidents happen, we also need to have the First Response Spill Kits in our workplace. Depending on what we are storing in our containers, each spill needs different treatment. We are going to discuss these treatments one by one in the series of blog posts. Today, it is about the first response spill kits for battery acid.
First Response Spill Kit for Battery Acid

If you store battery acid, you need to have a precaution in case spilling occurs. This substance is dangerous if it is let lying around long enough to be in touch with some other elements that could cause explosion. That is why you need this first response spill kit for battery acid.

Absorbing up to 20 gallons, the first spill kit has a variety of sorbents that can handle a battery acid spill. These sorbents are packed in a small drum together with gloves and goggles. With this battery acid first response spill kit around, you will have a quick and easy access if spilling happens. This efficiency is highly important especially because an immediate response is needed to provide safety. The drum is equipped with twist-on, double wall lid with a closed cell gasket to ensure that the drum is safely sealed. This is needed to protect the sorbents from moisture, dirt and damage. It is made of rust and corrosion free 100% polyethylene to withstand rough handling.

  • 3 pcs of 3"x4" socks, each absorbs 1 gallon
  •  40 pcs of 15"x19" pads, each absorbs .29 gallons
  • 3 pcs of 18"x18" pillows, each absorbs 2.9 gallon
  • 1 pair of neoprene gloves
  • 1 pair of safety goggles
  • 2 pcs of 2 lb. acid neutralizing sorbent shaker cartons, each absorbs .2 gallons
  • 2 pcs of yellow disposal bags and ties
If refill is needed, you can order it (without drum) here.


by: Baytec Containers


Anonymous Daniel said...

Sulphuric Acid or the Lead-based batteries surprisingly gets into hazardous action and the term CAREFUL will be too late to be heard. The contents need to be checked before taking any delivery of the kits. Safety is believed to be the first-aid before any uninvited danger…
Spill Kits

November 24, 2012 at 2:16 AM  

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