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Baytec Containers Posting Page
Monday, August 29, 2011
When liners are dedicated for containing trash, it is best to use reprocessed plastic materials like these Trash Liners. Made of premium linear Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with strong, ultra-dependable quality, the heavy gauge industrial liners are excellent choice for your trash disposing need.

Choose the right trash liners for you; choices come in Economical liners, Premium XX liners, and Steel Tuff Liners. Economical liners are standard liners made of single-pry virgin hexane resin that features leak resistance and star seal bottom seal. They are stretchable, tough and puncture resistant as well. These liners are perfect for light duty trash bag use and they are conveniently individually folded with dispenser box.

Premium XX liners are constructed from heavy gauge 1.6 mil single-pry reprocessed resins. They come in black opaque color and feature very strong plastic to hold tough materials. However, the toughest trash liners have got to be Steel Tuff Liners. Made of premium super hexane, these liners are able to withstand the toughest applications. Their strength is equivalent to 3 mil LDPE liners. Steel Tuff liners come in silver color and they are individually folded in a dispensing carton.

Make your choice of the best trash liners for you by clicking one of the links below.

Economical Trash Liners
-          7-10 gallon trash liners, 0.35 mil, 1000 packs
-          20-30 gallon trash liners, 0.40 mil, 250 packs
-          33 gallon trash liners, 250 packs
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 250 packs
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 125 packs
-          55 gallon trash liners, 250 packs

Premium XX Trash Liners
-          15 gallon trash liners, 400 packs
-          20-30 gallon trash liners, 100 packs
-          33 gallon trash liners, 100 packs
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 100 packs
-          55-60 gallon trash liners, 100 packs

Steel Tuff Liners
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 50 packs
-          55-60 gallon trash liners, 50 packs
-          55 gallon trash liners, 50 packs


by: Baytec Containers


Anonymous Jitram said...

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January 3, 2013 at 10:22 AM  

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