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Baytec Containers Posting Page
Monday, March 12, 2012
It’s time to switch back to rags and forget about paper towels! Did you know that about 51,000 trees are cut down every day to produce paper towels in the United States only? And where do these paper towels end up? Yes, landfill. To pile and to wait for a long time to degrade themselves. So, rather than burdening our children with recycling all these wasted paper towels, let’s get back to the way it was before paper towels were invented. Let’s use rags!

The old good rags are as good – if not better – to clean messes compared to paper towels. Depending on the type of rags you’re using, they might even have higher absorbent power than paper towels, and more importantly they are reusable! All it takes is just rewash them after using, which can simply be done together with the rest of the household laundry. This simple act actually helps the environment AND saves us money in the long run.

Yes, we know that paper towel costs merely 5 dollars. But how many times do you have to clean and wipe something at home? Do you have young children? If you do, you might get even a lot more messes to clean with the rate of spilling and mouth-wiping things you have to deal with. Paper towels in this type of household could be very costly. However, change them with rags, and no more cost needed. Not even for detergent, considering you’re going to pour the same amount of detergent anyway when washing them together with the other clothes.

All that is real good reason to use rags instead of paper towels. We should all do it and save millions of trees annually from being cut down to make paper towels. Let’s do it!

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by: Baytec Containers


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