Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Gamma Seal Over Stock with Free Shipping

Gamma Seal Lids, Free Shipping(contiguous states only )-$5.95 ea, Over-Stock Special, Red Gamma Seal Lid.

Notice; This Sale is for Gamma Seals we have in over-stock for a certain color. These over-stock Gamma Seals usually sell-down within a week,then the color will be take off sale,so please don't expect this sale to be here next week. thanks

Over-Stock Of The Week

$5.95 each Free Shipping On Red Gamma Seal Lids Case of 12 We made a special purchase of Red Gamma Seals for a large customer. After we received the shipment from the manufacture, the customer decided they did need not need the whole order. But they had already paid for the shipping for the whole load. So.... We are passing the savings on to you. We have a very limited amount of these Red Gamma Seals available at this price with free shipping. When they are all gone the free shipping will not be available. These Gamma Seal Lids are sold as high as $9.95 in most Store. This is a substantial savings on the retail price with free shipping. This offer is for case lots only. Each case of Red is only $71.40 Free Shipping. Other Colors Available Here.

Other Colors Available Here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EZ Stor Plastic Buckets Free Shipping

* FDA Approved Material * White * Plastic Bucket lids include tamper-evident & tear tab strips

EZ Stor Plastic Buckets Can be used as storage containers or FDA Approved food containers. The removable and reclosable hinged plastic lids make these plastic Buckets ideal for Uses where frequent dispensing and refilling are necessary. Most plastic Buckets include handles for easy carrying. Note: Plastic Buckets and lids are sold separately. Quantity pricing available. Many sizes square plastic pails and buckets Include Free Shipping to Contiguous 48 States.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Blue Poly Bung Drum Wrench

 BayTec Containers Exclusive!
We will have available for order a Blue Poly Bung Wrench. This Poly bung wrench will be sold only at BayTec Containers and will not be available on any other Web Site.
Check Back on 1 Feb 2010 to order this exciting new Drum Bung Wrench.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Multi Color 5 Gallon Buckets

 We not sell multi-color 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets and 5 Gallon Bucket Lids. Flat Lid as well as Spout Lid.. Buckets as low as $2.95.

5 Gallon Buckets are available in the Following Colors

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over-Stock Special Price Blue Gamma Seal Lids

For The Month of November we have an over-stock of Blue Gamma Seals.

Free Shipping on a Case of Blue Gamma Seals. This special is available only on this Web Page and is not on our regular Web Site.

Please come back to this Blog for all our monthly specials and coupons.
Click Here for Our Special Low Price for Gamma Seal Lids

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rain Barrels - Saving You Money

By Shawn Mcculloc

The entire "green" industry is progressively focusing more and more on environmentally friendly production and products. With increased incentives backed by government agencies as well as the general consensus that environmental stability needs to start now, more and more companies are developing new innovative products to adhere to this. In some ways it's a shame that the only way to cause change is through monetary incentive programs or the need to be trendy, the counter-argument is the need to put food on the table or fuel in the yacht or the increased cost of doing business.
Whatever the case may be, positive change is good relating to the environment. Now this isn't stating change can only happen through big business, even the end consumer, can have a major impact. So you might be asking, where's my incentive program? The answer is, certain products can actually save you money, and this isn't just pocket change. Hundreds of dollars per year really adds up: take a minimal amount, $350 per year. You save that in a high interest savings account, 20 years down the road you have close to $10,000! Want to start saving money today? An excellent and reliable option is rain barrels.
So what is a rain barrel? Rain barrels are basically rain collectors that are placed at the base of your down spouts around your home. If you have ever noticed how much rain water pours out of these spouts during a sever rain storm, you can see the potential this product boasts. And the advantages are simple, during a storm these barrels fill up, when it comes time to water your grass again, you can attach your hose directly to the barrel. These rain barrels have the ability to hold a lot of water, most can hold 60-100 gallons!
With this product you save in numerous ways: watering grass is expensive, you will notice a drastic decrease in your monthly water bill with the usage of this product, grass replacement can be expensive and labor intensive, this products ensures your grass stays healthy and green, and lastly having extensive water around the foundation of a home can be risky. Many of the down spouts found around homes, directs water into a pool which then seeps into the ground and can potentially cause major problems with leaky basements and water damaged foundations.
Many products are on the market claiming to save you money, and some of them will. The advantage a rain barrel has, is the fact that not only does it save you money, it truly can be a visual-appealing addition to your yard. These rain barrels are very enviro-wise, they also have a very modern look which results in a very stylish piece of garden décor for your backyard or home landscape. Various colors and textures are available, making them adapt easily to your décor style. Take the positive step towards environmental stability and make a rain barrel a part of your home! The rain barrels will save you money, in a stylish fashion.
Shawn McCulloch has been a contributing writer to for 3 years. He is a water gardening enthusiast who enjoys wildlife, sports, and travel.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gamma Seal Orange Free Shipping $5.95 Each Halloween Special

 $5.95 each Free Shipping On Orange Gamma Seal Lids Case of 12 
We made a special purchase of Orange Gamma Seals for a large customer. After we received the shipment from the manufacture, the customer decided they did need not need the whole order. But they had already paid for the shipping for the whole load. So.... We are passing the savings on to you. We have a very limited amount of these 
Orange Gamma Seals available at this price with free shipping. When they are all gone the free shipping will not be available. These Gamma Seal Lids are sold as high as $9.95 in most Store. This is a substantial savings on the retail price with free shipping. This offer is for case lots only. Each case of Orange is only $71.40 Free Shipping. Other Colors Available Here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purple Gamma Seal Lids

Gamma Seal Lids are available from BayTec in many colors;Red,Blue,Green,Black,Yellow,Orange, and White. Now for special order In Cases Quantities only. Purple Gamma Seal Lids may be available.
If we receive enought orders for the Purple Gamma Seal Case, we will offer them in singles.
Let us know if your interested.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

30 Gallon Rain Water Barrels


You will not find a better Rain Water Barrel then this 30 gallon rain barrel kit.

Included in The Rainbarrel kit is a heavy duty commercial class plastic barrel and a rain water downspout kit for a standard 2"x3" gutter downspout (for 3"x4" gutter please order oversize adapter).

A plastic bulk head fitting is installed and ready for action.

A bulkhead Fitting is a much better solution for a faucet installation, then just drilling a hole which will always leak after just a few uses and a bulkhead fitting can be replaced very easily.

As for faucets,you have two choices,a plastic food grade sink faucet or a plastic flow rite on/off faucet.

The rain water barrel is available from BayTec Containers in blue,but can be painted with any

Krylon Fusion Paint available at any Home Depot or Ace Hardware Store.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rain Barrels Free Shipping

Hey this a Great Rain Barrel with Great Rain Barrel Price. Only $69.95 with free shipping. I have checked the whole internet for rain barrels  and rain water barrels and i can safely say this is without a doubt the lowest price.
Check it a search for rain water barrels in any search engine..Google,Bing or Yahoo and you will get the same results I did for Rain Water Barrels and rain Barrels.

RAIN WATER BARREL 35 GAL Free Shipping This Item!

Free Shipping This Item!

Rain Water Barrel Kit Includes
1-35 gallon Reconditioned Open-Top Plastic Rain Water barrel
1-Installed Bulk-Head Fitting
1-3/4" Faucet-Foodgrade;Your choice of Sink faucet or Flow Rite Faucet
1-Gutter Down Spout Diverter Kit Standard 2x3 (Garden Water Saver Brand)

Tips for How To Install a Rain Barrel

Place your Rain Barrel on a Level Surface: Remember Safety,Safety, Safety should always be on you mind when you do any project,so, use only a flat and a very level surface for the position of your Rain barrel. Place your Rain Barrel on blocks, if  possible. Full rain barrels can weigh in excess of 456 lbs(8.33x55). when full and you don't want the rain barrel to fall over when full.

Downspout Kit: After you have setup  your rain water barrel, you will need to remove a part on of your gutter for the downspout kit connector in-order to direct the rain water into your rain barrel.

Excess Water: Be sure the over-flow connector or faucet is in your Rain barrel and positioned  away from your  building foundation.

Winter Storage: In areas where the water can freeze Empty or drain your rain water barrel, remove the faucet, connector hose, and any drain plugs before storing. When possible relocate your barrel to a protected area but if the rain water barrel must remain outside turn it upside down and secure it to prevent rain water accumulation which can freeze and possibly damage your rain barrel.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bung Wrench Low As $6.95 New Shippment

BayTec Just received and new shipment of The Aluminum Drum Bung Wrench. This universal bung wrench fits all popular drum bungs made in the United States. Quantity Discounts are available for larger purchasers. So, if you have a 55.30 or 15 gallon drum or barrel  with bungs, this bung wrench is the answer to hard to open drums.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Colors 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets As Low As $2.99

5 Gallon Buckets your store for buckets, bucket, pails, pail, plastic buckets, plastic bucket, plastic pails, plastic pail, 5 gallon bucket, and 5 gallon bucket pails

New Lower Prices on Red 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Black 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,White 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Black 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Blue 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Green 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Rust 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Burnt Orange 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Brown 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets, 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets,Peach 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets. Custom Labeling Available.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Water Storage Barrels, Water Storage Drums & Water Barrels

We just received a new shipment of Water Storage Containers and Water Storage Barrels at a great new low price. These Water Barrels and Emergency water storage containers offer the best value on the internet.

Many people have found that storing water for long term water storage solution or for emergency preparedness water storage, is the best ideal in case of a natural disaster like a Hurricane, flood, tornado, or earth quake.

Also at BayTec Containers we have many water storage barrels and water barrels with Free shipping for a limited time.

Don't Wait for a natural disaster to strike before you get  prepared. Call BayTec Containers to order 800.460.DRUM or order online line at

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gamma Seals Low As $3.98 Ea In Pallet Loads

Hey we just received a new lower Price straight from the Factory, so we are passing the savings on to you when you buy in Pallet Loads.

This Is The Lowest Price anywhere on the Internet on Gamma Seals And Gamma Seal Lids. Also Check out the Great new low Price on 5 Gallon Buckets and 6 Gallon Buckets.

Gamma Seal Lids Yellow Pallet Low As $3.98

1         Pallet $4.75 Per Gamma Seal Lid
1-4      Pallets $4.50 Per Gamma Seal Lid
5-9     Pallets $4.25 Per Gamma Seal Lid
10-+   Pallets $3.98 Per Gamma Seal Lid

Pallet of 576 Gamma Seal Lids (48 Cases Per Pallet)
Please Call To Order 888-460-DRUM

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life-Latch Screw-Top Plastic Bucket

I am  in Chattanooga, Tn. today visiting with M&M Industries the Manufacturers of The Life Latch Screw Top Plastic Bucket and Pail. The manufacture process of the life latch screw top bucket is truly amazing. Their Quality Control process is the best I have every seen.
 So if you need a Screw-Top Plastic Bucket that has to hold a lot of chemicals, dry goods or other items but you don't need a lot of  unwanted openings? The Screw-Top Plastic bucket features the innovative Life Latch cover that is tamper-evident, senior friendly and child resistant, yet easy to open and reseal. The Plastic Bucket lid features an air-tight, water-resistant seal. Along with this great new feature, you will find this Screw Top Plastic Bucket offers great stack-ability and pours liquid without dripping.  

I will be visiting with several other plastic container manufacturers in the coming weeks, so check back often.

Joel Fulcher

Thursday, September 17, 2009 is a Great place for buying Water Barrels and Water Storage Containers. They have thousands of water barrels,water storage and accessories with the highest quality. With today's economic situation the Water Barrel is increasing  becoming essential in all parts of the country for water conversation, because of their excellent benefits. provides a lot of benefits to their customers like low price guarantee, high quality customer service, and excellent ship time.

There are lot of companies that have available for purchase Water Barrels and  accessories, but only a few of them can give good quality services like They have been in business for more than 30 years, so they know the needs of their customers. For more information about Water Barrels just visit or call  888-460-drum. For instant support you can contact their well experienced customer service department 888-460-DRUM . Definitely they can solve your Water Storage Solution Problem. Why are you waiting?… just visit their great site today!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Life Latch Plastic Bucket with Screw on Lid


New Fully child-resistant and senior friendly. UN and DOT-35 approved Life-Latch Plastic Buckets and Plastic Pails.
Unit includes the re-useable plastic Bucket with built-on plastic handle, and a removable and re-useable plastic screw-on cover.
The Plastic Lid has a unique trigger mechanism to automatically secure the lid when closing, and
has an easy finger-activated release to allow the cover to be opened.
Plastic Buckets and Plastic Pails are white and Lids are available in white, red, and blue


Friday, September 11, 2009

How To Install A Gamma Seal Lid

If you have a Gamma Seal Lid, Then This the video for you.

This Video will teach you how to install a Gamma Seal Lid in one easy motion.
No Leaks, Air tight Plastic Containers.

Buy Gamma Seals At This Location.

For Large Purchases of Gamma Seal Lids  Please Email Us

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rain Barrel Flat Side Free Shipping

Rain Barrels ,Flat side Plastic Rain Barrels comming soon. Check back next week for a very important Anouncement.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gamma Seal Lids Sale, Free Shipping,Case Red

$5.95 each Free Shipping On Red Gamma Seal Lids Case of 12 We made a special purchase of Red Gamma Seals for a large customer. After we received the shipment from the manufacture, the customer decided they did need not need the whole order. But they had already paid for the shipping for the whole load. So.... We are passing the savings on to you. We have a very limited amount of these Red Gamma Seals available at this price with free shipping. When they are all gone the free shipping will not be available. These Gamma Seal Lids are sold as high as $9.95 in most Store. This is a substantial savings on the retail price with free shipping. This offer is for case lots only. Each case of Red is only $71.40 Free Shipping. Other Colors Available Here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Rain Barrel Rank for Rain Barrels

Hey ...
Hope everyone had   a good labor day. We noticed that google increased our ranking for rain barrels and rain water barrels. Our new Rain Barrel Items are selling strong.
Additional rain barrel accessories and kits should be up and running in two weeks, as well and the new rain barrel diverter kit. Don't forget to take a look at how to make a rain barrel.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

BayTecTool Bar

Hey Download our New Custom Tool Bar for Your Internet Browser.

It has an internet radio player with your choice of stations
as well as up todate weather and news.

toolbar powered by Conduit

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gamma Seal Special Sale

Free Shipping On Green Gamma Seal Lids Case of 12
We made a special purchase of Green Gamma Seals for a large customer. After we
received the shipment from the manufacture, the customer decided they did need
not need the whole order. But they had already paid for the shipping for the
whole load. So.... We are passing the savings on to you. We have a very limited
amount of these Green Gamma Seals available at this price with free shipping.
When they are all gone the free shipping will not be available. These Gamma Seal
Lids are sold as high as $9.95 in most Store. This is a substantial savings on
the retail price with free shipping. This offer is for case lots only.

Each case of Green is only $69.95 Free Shipping.

Other Colors Available Here.

New Lower Price. We have been in Business Since 1983 and The Plastic Resin Prices are at the lowest since we opened for business. Now is the time to take advantage of the new lower Plastic container prices.

Call For Pallet Shipping Quote.



Many Colors Available.

A Gamma Seal is as low as Only $4.25 When Purchased in Multiple Pallet Loads

Please Call For Pallet Price and Shipping Quote.

Other Colors
Available Here.

AIRTIGHT Reseals Your Bucket or Pail
Easy Opening Lid
Fits All Universally Used 12" Opening Pails and Buckets

For Liquid Use:
Paints & Finishes
Joint Compound
Solvents & Cleaners

For Water-Proofing
Dry Equipment
Survival Supplies

For Household
Dry Foods & Grains
Dry Pet Foods
Disaster Supplies

Hardware Storage
Tool Storage
Plumbing Supplies
Nails & Easterners

Other Colors
Available Here



Monday, August 24, 2009

New Lower Price for New Plastic 55 Gallon Barrels and Drums

New 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel and Plastic Drums

New Lower Price direct from manufacture. Free shipping.
We passed the savings on to you.  HDPE poly Food Grade FDA Plastic 55 Gallon Barrels and Drums. In Blue,Black and White. This drum is UN Certified and Brand New. Can be used for Food Grade Products as well and Chemical Storage.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Gallon Plastic Bucket and Pails New Low Price

New Lower Price from Manufacture On 2 gallon Plastic Buckets and Plastic Pails
Low as $2.50 each

White Only Height 7 3/16"" Weight 1.1 lbs

Meets FDA, USDA, UFC, and NMFC regulations. These quality shipping, storage and utility containers are the standard of the food and chemical industry. All colors except black are made with FDA Compliant materials.

Polyethylene FDA approved leakproof and air tight! Will withstand 160� or even freezing

Please call for Pallet Load pricing

Monday, August 17, 2009


5 Gallon Buckets and Pails
These buckets are tough enough to store nails and secure enough to protect contents. Strong reinforcing ribs guarantee that they keep their shape. Made with a tapered design, buckets nest to save space, and they separate easily. Buckets and lids are made of high-density polyethylene and meet NMFC, FDA and UFC requirements Container and cover can be hot filled up to 190° F, and frozen. All Buckets have a sturdy wire bail with a plastic handgrip. Lids are available, see bottom of page. Ok for use with motor oil. Bucket measurements are as follows, 11.91" dia. x 14.50" high x 10.33" dia. at the bottom. Not UN or DOT approved for shipping -- for storage only. The wall thickness is .090" +/- .005".

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Gamma Seal Leak Proof Screw Top Bucket Lid

The Gamma Seal Screw Top Pail
Easy On....Easy Off
Leak Proof and Air Tight

Gamma Seal lid is a Great New Solution to how
to reclose a Bucket without it Leaking. A Bucketwithout a lid is only so
useful... while a Bucket with a Gamma Seal lid can be used limitlessly! The Gama
Seal lid is not only re-sealable, but the heavy duty construction allows it to
be reusable. Easily RE-SEALS your Bucket or Transforms your clean Bucket into an
airtight leak proof Storage Container Over 200 million 3-5-6-gallon Buckets are
manufactured each year. Thousands are discarded due to the lack of an easy
re-sealing lid. The Gamma Seal lid transforms most 12" diameter plastic buckets
into leak proof, airtight storage containers that protect the contents from
exposure to the environment.
Transforms a Clean Buckets into a Air Tight Storage Container
Pails make excellent storage containers for the garage or
pantry. The Gamma Seal lid is an economical alternative for organizing and
storing most anything. The Gamma Seal lid does not require cutting tools or lid
removers to open. The lid is removed with a gentle turn of the wrist.

Gamma Seal Lids - Many Colors

The Gamma Seal lid is available in all
standard colors for easy content identification. BLACK, WHITE, RED,
YELLOW,GREEN< BLUE, and ORANGE. Select from our
individually colored lids below to replace a well-worn out one or to just add a
few here and there to your home food storage program. No food storage program is
complete without one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to Install A gamma Seal Lid

Here is the New Video on How to Install A gamma Seal Lid.
We Have Had a lot of Request for this one.

Monday, August 3, 2009

55 Gallon Reconditioned Plastic Water Barrel $109.98 Free Shipping

55 Gallon Blue Water Barrels

Sale ends 15 August 2009.

We have a very limited Quantity

Free Shipping to Contiguous US States



May I Take Your Order



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Due to decrease in Plastic Prices, All Plastic Pail Prices have Dropped.
5 Gallon only $4.95 each
6 Gallon  Only $5.95 Each
Large Volume Discounts.
Order Today..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain Barrel Basics

Rain Barrel Basics

Rain water has been collected for many years. About 1,000 years ago, people in England were collecting water in simple clay pots. The same practices are being carried out with rain barrels today.

We do not have a limitless amount of water, and with the rising cost of city water, it’s more important than ever to save water. Not only does it contribute to saving our natural resources but it also saves money overall.

Most people believe that water is an infinite resource. The truth is that  water is becoming more scarce. Underground water chambers that provide water are being heavily depleted, and there is not enough water to replace the used water. With a rain barrel, you can stop using govermental water sources and start saving money and help the environment!

This report  is intended to  explain the benefits of rain barrels.  After reading this manual, you will lean how valuable rain barrels can be and how easy you can make a rain barrel.

Why Use a Rain Barrel?

Over sixty-Five percent of the Earth is covered by water, yet only 2.% is fresh water and the rest is sea salt water. And out of that, most of it is found inside glaciers and ice caps.
The fresh water that is purified and pouring out of your sink everyday is found in freshwater streams, lakes and rivers. And due to desertification and contamination, much of that water is threatened. With such little usable water available, it is even more critical that water be saved.
As a result of our depletion of natural resources, conserving water decreases the demand for domestic water from those rivers and lakes. Residential irrigation can use up to forty percent of the area’s water. By using rain barrels, you not only help contribute to saving water and therefore the environment overall, but you save money personally!

If you live in an  rainy area, collecting rainwater with a rain barrel can save you a surprising amount on your water bill. Even if you live in an area without much rain, the few times during the year it does rain can help later during the hotter, drier months. Or if you live in a rural area with a well, you may find that a rain barrel helps harvest rainwater much easier. Of course, once someone sees how something helps, momentum can pick up. If you start harvesting rainwater in a rain barrel, the idea can catch on in your community, thereby saving everyone water. Since all of us (humans, animals and plants) need water to survive, you are helping everyone out!
Rain Barrels can be used in a variety of ways. Most people tend to use it in their garden, where they can just pour the water directly onto the flowers and grass and more. Although you can drink rainwater, it takes special filtering treatment to do so. Additionally, many cities require the water drinking system to be a certified filtration system, and that the water is tested regularly. Rain Barrels for your garden are beneficial to the garden, since rain is a natural soft water without minerals, chlorine or other chemicals. Your garden, in turn, will continue to grow and thrive in appreciation for giving it natural ingredients.

How-To Collect Water

Collecting water differs depending on the system used. Some are more advanced, involving pumps and flow controls, while others simply catch all the rain they can.
The first thing to measure is your roof catchment area, or the total square feet of your house plus your eaves. Rain falls evenly everywhere, so the shape of your roof does not matter, just the space it encompasses and the surrounding area. Measure the area of the outside walls, and then add the overhand of any eaves. For example, a house that measures 42x 48 feet with 2-foot eaves means you add 4 feet to each wall for a total measurement of 46x52 feet. Then multiply the length times the width (46 times 52) to find the total roof catchment area (in this case, it’s 2392 sq ft).
So what does this mean? For every inch of rain that falls in 1,000 square feet of your catchment area, there is up to 600 gallons of rainwater. Four inches of rainfall means there are 2,400 gallons of rainwater you can collect! Let’s round up our example house to 2400 square feet. This means that this house could catch up to 1440 gallons (since you multiply 600 gallons times 2.4). Think of how much you’ll have saved and added to your water supply just by using a rain barrel!
Harvesting systems are not 100% accurate; most of the time, they fall between 70-90%, since all Rain Barrel systems are going to lose some rain water due to gutters spilled, wind or evaporation. However, it’s still quite an improvement from zero!

Rain Barrels

Now that you know how much you can save, it’s easy to see why a rain barrel is such a great investment. Of course, you want to figure out the best kind of harvesting system for yourself.
Choosing a Rain barrel depends on how much you can spend, how much space you have, and the type of barrel. Any rain barrel you choose should have a good container that holds liquid. For those that think a trash can will work just fine will learn that it cannot stand water pressure for very long. This does not mean you need to choose the most expensive rain barrel, but don’t try to cut back and save money by using an inferior piece of equipment.
If you’re on a budget or don’t have much space, put a rain barrel under a gutter downspout diverter to save water. A 30 Gallon rain barrel is probably the best way to go, since you don’t want a giant one that will take up too much space. For a more complex system, connect several rain barrels with PVC pipes or hoses, and pump the water directly into the garden to drain all the rain barrels at once.

Where you put your rain barrel is crucial, since you want to collect as much rainwater as possible. Place it on ground that is level, because when it reaches its maximum capacity, it will be considerably heavier and can tip over on unstable ground.

If you live in a colder climate, disconnecting rain barrels during the winter is a good idea to avoid water constantly thawing and freezing. The construction of the rain barrel can weaken or crack, so keep it out of the cold and store it upside down to keep it clean until it starts raining.

Rain barrels on the market today offer all sorts of handy attachments or special parts that make harvesting your rainwater even easier. Spigot, overflow fittings, automatic overflow, and drain plugs are just a few. Again, depending on how rainy the area you live in is you can choose from smaller sized rain barrels to ones that store over fifty gallons of water. Whatever rain barrel you choose, make sure it has a cover and can fit in your backyard.

Safety First

Two rules must always be followed when it comes to Rain Barrels
1:  Never leave your rain barrel uncovered or open with out a downspout diverter   attached.
2. Always keep you rain barrel faucet closed between uses. This way, it won’t get dirty with leaves,yard debris or insects and will avoid becoming contaminated.
3. Also, any system you use should come with a downspout diverter system to keep out silt, soil and leaves or have .

Not only do you want to keep your water clean, but you also want to be safe. Be careful with rain barrels and small children. Some rain barrels are massive, and children can drown in just a few feet of water. Plus, animals (both domesticated and wild) can become trapped and drown in the barrels. Moreover, standing water is home to swarms of mosquitoes. Since the West Nile virus is growing and mosquitoes are generally unwelcome creatures, extra precautions must be taken to keep mosquitoes away from rain barrels, such as emptying water within ten days or buying a rain barrel with a mesh screen or using a Rain Barrel Downspout Diverter.

Some containment, unfortunately, in bound to happen. Leaves, dust, and the elements in general will affect the water. It’s fine to use on your garden, since that water would fall on those plants anyhow, but in order to drink it, you will absolutely need a good filtering system.

If your unsure of how much pollution is in your area, go talk to someone at your city hall or a municipal official about how many pollutants are in the area and how it may affect the quality of the rainwater.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gamma Seal Lids now available with quanity Discounts

We now have Gamma Seal Lids in the Pallet and Case Pack with a very large discount off the retail price.


Look at our new Gamma Seal Lid Video

Welcome Post

Welcome All to The New BayTec Containers Blog.
We Have been in business since 1983. This Blog adds a new and exciting dimension to our Web site. Please feel free to comment on any subject that would best benefit our community.
Thanks For Visiting.

Operating and Maintenance Tips for the Direct-Drive Drum Lid Mixer, Air Motor,1½ hp,5" prop.

  In the industrial world, having efficient, reliable equipment is key to maintaining high levels of productivity. The Direct-Drive Drum Lid...