Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Gamma Seal Leak Proof Screw Top Bucket Lid

The Gamma Seal Screw Top Pail
Easy On....Easy Off
Leak Proof and Air Tight

Gamma Seal lid is a Great New Solution to how
to reclose a Bucket without it Leaking. A Bucketwithout a lid is only so
useful... while a Bucket with a Gamma Seal lid can be used limitlessly! The Gama
Seal lid is not only re-sealable, but the heavy duty construction allows it to
be reusable. Easily RE-SEALS your Bucket or Transforms your clean Bucket into an
airtight leak proof Storage Container Over 200 million 3-5-6-gallon Buckets are
manufactured each year. Thousands are discarded due to the lack of an easy
re-sealing lid. The Gamma Seal lid transforms most 12" diameter plastic buckets
into leak proof, airtight storage containers that protect the contents from
exposure to the environment.
Transforms a Clean Buckets into a Air Tight Storage Container
Pails make excellent storage containers for the garage or
pantry. The Gamma Seal lid is an economical alternative for organizing and
storing most anything. The Gamma Seal lid does not require cutting tools or lid
removers to open. The lid is removed with a gentle turn of the wrist.

Gamma Seal Lids - Many Colors

The Gamma Seal lid is available in all
standard colors for easy content identification. BLACK, WHITE, RED,
YELLOW,GREEN< BLUE, and ORANGE. Select from our
individually colored lids below to replace a well-worn out one or to just add a
few here and there to your home food storage program. No food storage program is
complete without one.

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