Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Gamma Seal Over Stock with Free Shipping

Gamma Seal Lids, Free Shipping(contiguous states only )-$5.95 ea, Over-Stock Special, Red Gamma Seal Lid.

Notice; This Sale is for Gamma Seals we have in over-stock for a certain color. These over-stock Gamma Seals usually sell-down within a week,then the color will be take off sale,so please don't expect this sale to be here next week. thanks

Over-Stock Of The Week

$5.95 each Free Shipping On Red Gamma Seal Lids Case of 12 We made a special purchase of Red Gamma Seals for a large customer. After we received the shipment from the manufacture, the customer decided they did need not need the whole order. But they had already paid for the shipping for the whole load. So.... We are passing the savings on to you. We have a very limited amount of these Red Gamma Seals available at this price with free shipping. When they are all gone the free shipping will not be available. These Gamma Seal Lids are sold as high as $9.95 in most Store. This is a substantial savings on the retail price with free shipping. This offer is for case lots only. Each case of Red is only $71.40 Free Shipping. Other Colors Available Here.

Other Colors Available Here.

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