Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plastic Bucket Lids and Other Bucket/Pail Accessories

So you already have your plastic buckets. What else do you need beside them and the items you want to store? Their lids and a lid opener.

Flat Top Bucket Lids

These snap-on type pail lids fit for buckets of 3.5 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon. They are equipped with SBR rubber gasket to ensure a firm seal.

What makes these lids special? First, they are made of 90 ml heavy duty plastic. At normal handy stores, you will only find the thin 70 ml ones. Second, All of these colorful bucket lids, with an exception for the black lids, are made of FDA approved materials.

Pail Lid Remover

Great! Now your items are securely stored. But how are you going to open it in case you want to add some more items inside the bucket or you just want to take some of the stored goods for your own purpose without damaging the pail or the lid? You will need this Pail Lid Remover.

Watch this video that demonstrates how to use the pail lid remover.

Quantity discounts are available for this item.

Monday, August 30, 2010

5-Gallon Stainless Steel Wine Barrels

Wine is consumed more and more these days. Having existed as far back as 6,000 BC, wine has made loyal followers in its journey and the liking is passed through generations. Today, production of wine involves storing it in to wine barrels made of stainless steel. A perfect selection of 5-gallon stainless steel wine barrel and other available sizes are definitely needed in your winery.

These stainless steel wine barrels are specifically designed for winemaking. Different levels of wine development like wine maturation and fermentation are fully deliberated when these wine drums were created. With stainless steel as thick as 0.9 mm as the main material, it resists corrosion, keeps its strength at high temperatures and is easily maintained. This makes this affordable without losing its product integrity, longevity and purity of wine materials.

The 5-gallon stainless steel wine barrels have 2” Tri-Clover Fitting in the middle of 1/3 of body. With inside diameter of approximately 14 inches and height of about 10 inches, the 5-gallon wine drums are available to purchase at US$ 100 lower than its normal price. It is now US$ 299.95. What more? A FREE ground delivery for 48 states in the USA.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

5-Gallon Buckets at Home

One can go on and on listing the so many uses of 5-gallon buckets. Be it at home, in the garden, in the industrial area, at a camping site, at a picnic spot, etc. these pails can never get wasted in any way.

Below are just a few of its uses at home.

• We can start from the kitchen. With these 5-gallon FDA approved food grade buckets, storing food or drink can never get any safer. Meeting the regulations of FDA, USDA, UFC and NMFC, they allow you to keep grains, cereals, flour, and sugar in bulk. With their lids on, these pails help keep your food dry.

  • At the playroom. Aren’t you tired to see the children’s playroom always look like a mess like after Katrina? These buckets can help you quickly store the toys without having to rearrange them in the shelves every 5 minutes after your child messes it up. And with the different bright colors these buckets have, organizing toys can never get any simpler. Lego in the blue pail, stuffed animals in red, and car toys in yellow.
  • At the garage. Where can you best store your tools or cleaning supplies? 5-gallon buckets. They save space and they are easy to label for different types of tools stored.
  • Garbage collector. So it’s a cleaning day. Why don’t you grab your 5-gallon bucket and put your cleaning tools inside, going to one room to another as you clean every bit of the house? When you find garbage on your way, pick it up and drop it in the pail, then move on with the cleaning. When things are done in a practical manner, cleaning job doesn’t look and feel that bad.

TIPS: make sure that your 5-gallon bucket or pail is 90 mil. It is the industry standard for quality heavy-duty plastic buckets.

Dimensions: 12"w x 15"h (+-) .10" Weight: 2 Lbs Wall Thickness: .090" (+-) .005"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Piston Drum Pump

So you have the bulky 50-gallon drum and you want to store liquid material inside. When it is full or half full, what are you going to do if you want to dispense a part of it without spilling any of the content?

Answer: you use a manual drum pump.

Manual drum pumps are very useful to move fluids like gas, chemicals or water. If the product you happen to store is lightweight liquid like light oil or water, the best drum pump to use is Piston Drum Pump.

Piston Drum Pump is often called the traditional type of manual pump for barrels. It works in a similar way to a bicycle pump that it is able to draw lightweight liquid out of the barrel.

The piston pump itself is not heavy in weight. It is easy to use and to keep, and due to its low price, it is the best value for money if storing light liquid in a big amount is what you intend to do.

This piston drum pump you see on the left can pump up to 20 gallons per 100 strokes. It is UL-listed for flammables so it is safe to store and to pump petroleum-based liquids.

The pump has a sturdy aluminum housing, stainless steel liner and piston shaft. It is easy to grip and the handle can be locked. The telescoping suction tube fits 15-55 gallon barrels with 2” NPS bung.

Piston Drum Pumps are available in three types: No-Drip Spout Piston Drum Pump, Piston Drum Pump with Hose and Nozzle, and Piston Drum Pump with Hose, Nozzle, Flow-Meter.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Square Plastic Pails

These square plastic buckets are FDA compliant and can be used to store food or everything else. Coming in white color, these plastic pails and plastic buckets are ideal for applications where frequent dispensing and refilling are compulsory.

This type of plastic bucket is available in many different choices:

- No handle or with handle

- Different sizes from ½ gallon bucket to 13 gallon bucket. Check all the size options here

These pails & buckets do not come together with the plastic lids. But the plastic bucket lids are also available to buy at very competitive prices. They include tamper-evident, tear tab strips.

Quantity discounts are also offered for these items. So better check it out now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Closed-Head Steel Drums

The shiny closed-head steel drum on the left is our new, factory-fresh product! This type of drums has undergone a certification to meet UN requirements under DOT 49 CFR for hazardous materials. Thus it is guaranteed that these drums are able to protect the integrity and the safety of the product stored.

Constructed of first-quality cold-rolled steel and supplied with either rust inhibitor or chemical resistant epoxy-phenolic lining, these fine-looking steel drums come in stock with the color black. However, other colors are available upon request with a minimum order of 50 drums and extra charges. The list of colors are as follows: Blue (BL), Red (R), Green (GR), Yellow (Y), Orange (O), White (W), Gray(GY), Brown (BR), or Tan(T).

The agitator drums and the bung openings on the cover and the side of the drums are available in special configuration. For these closed-head steel drums, they come with 2” and ¾ NPT bungs.

Quantity discounts apply for this type of steel drums. Contact us now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Gallon Water Bladder

Flexibility and portability have been two of important added values that people consider on basically everything. Function alone is sometimes not enough. That is why we have cell phones apart from the land line phones or portable hard drive against the normal hard drive fixed in our CPU at home.

Now there are drums to store water, why not portable water bladders?

Water bladders are extremely flexible water storage tanks ever made. It functions as temporary as well as long term water storage. When not in use, we can just collapse it, fold it, and store it without taking too much space.

This 30 gallon water bag we are featuring has two openings: a fill fitment with cap and drain fitment with faucet.

Complied with the U.S. FDA title 21 Code of Federal Regulations, the water bladder is assembled of an advanced food-grade material. It is also made of heavy duty polyurethane that is suitable for potable water.

The 3’ x 3’ water bag is not made of vinyl (PVC), therefore there will not be any effect on the odor or taste of the stored water. It also has an excellent freeze/thaw ability as well as exceptional water vapor barrier with strong chemical resistance.

To add all that, this durable water storage is able to resist tear and abrasion and it will not wrinkle, crease or crack easily.
Check how to fill the aquatank water storage bags here and if this post already convinces you to order one, do not hesitate to do that here for a free UPS ground shipment.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30-Gallon Fiber Drum

Fiber drums are a type of drum made of dense paperboard. They are ideal to contain dry, solid, semi-liquid or liquid products. These drums are usually lightweight and own a substantial strength against impact.

This fiber drum on the left weighs 11 lbs at empty state but it can hold as much as 300 lbs content. It has a unique closure that is easily opened and it also has a tamper evident sealing. The full open top allows quick filling and dispensing.

The 18.5” x 26” by size drum has obtained a UN rating of 1G/Y140/S. The fiber interior provides thermal insulation and protects sensitive products stored. It is also easily disposable through the proper waste management processes.

You can save 11% if you purchase one of these fiber drums now. Visit here for more info.

Monday, August 23, 2010

54 Gallon Rain Water Barrel

Rain Saver Plastic Rain Water Barrel
Although in some parts of the world water is something to be taken for granted, in some arid parts of the USA, it has become scarcer during the dry season. People have now started to turn in to the ancient way of water saving by using rain water barrels. These barrels function to retrieve the rain water during the wet season and to use it during the drought. Advantages are abundant since A. it saves money in paying the ever so rising city water charge, and B. it protects the environment.

This 54-gallon rain water barrel could be a good use for every American home. It is made of premium quality food grade plastic (¼” thick, UV protected and new polyethylene) with two dispensing points to allow simultaneous hose and spigot access. The spigot is brass-threaded and is able to withstand harsh weather.

With the weight of 20 pounds, 36 inches in height and 23 inches in diameter, the rain barrel is a secure ‘closed design’ to prevent accidental drowning. The screened water intake port is also designed to avert entries of insects and debris.

This rain barrel is fully assembled for easy setup and flexibility. There are a screened automatic overflow and a six-foot diverter hose that can be extended to almost any length. If preserving rain water in one barrel is not enough, you can have two or more barrels that can be connected to this type of rain barrel via overflow hose. A linking adaptor is needed to perform this action, though.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, you have not even reached to the better part. For this item, a FREE delivery via FedEx Ground is granted to those living in the Contiguous USA. You can even choose the two colors available: Moss Green or Terra Cotta.

Click HERE to order now.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

USED 55-GALLON Plastic Barrels

A very limited number of reconditioned used 55 gallon plastic barrels are available to purchase in Bay Tec store.

These open top drums were used only one time and have gone through triple wash with Anti-Bacteria cleaner and pressure check so that they have come to just about their brand new condition.

The plastic barrels are made of FDA material of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that provides finer impact resistance: stronger, more opaque and able to withstand higher temperatures.

These open top drums include removable lids but may or may not have fittings with them. If a fitting is required, Bay Tec Containers is happy to provide it upon request if stock is available.

However, since they are used drums, they may have an odor and/or a residual of the product formerly stored in it, so it is suggested that it is rinsed again prior to use.

Orders are processed on first-come-first-served basis due to the limited number of these barrels in our stock. With FREE shipping available for these items, they have become one of our Best Seller products.

Check it out more closely here.
Regular price: $119.95
Sale Price: $79.95, 2 for $153.90, 4 for $299.80, 8 for $559.60

Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 Gallon Plastic Drum with Removable White Top

This heavy duty 30 gallon plastic drum is lightweight and comes to multiple uses.

FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration) and USDA (US Department of Agriculture) compliant, this type of barrel is safe to store water or food. In addition, it also meets the UN specifications for hazardous solid materials.

This plastic drum will never dent or rust and its molded-in color won’t peel or fade.

With molded high density polyethylene, these drums can provide superior impact resistance. It is highly resistant to many acids, alkalis and solvents.

Straight-sided drums have molded-in rolling hoops.

This 30 gallon plastic drum comes with options listed below:

  • Color: blue or white
  • Plain or fitting for faucet. There is an additional fee of US$ 9.95 for the faucet fitting
  • Plain or fitting with ¾” food grade faucet. Additional charge of US$ 6.95 for sink faucet or US$ 4.95 for flow-rite faucet.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Pump

This sleek-looking rotary drum pump is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. The pump itself is Teflon sealed with its internal parts made of Stainless Steel, Ryton, Teflon and PVDF. This makes it compatible with acids and alkalies.

The 40" pump body, with 3-piece self priming suction tube and curved discharge spout, pumps up to 5,000 SSU or 1,000 cPs. Able to fit15-55 gallon drums, the rotary pump withstands temperature up to 140°F and delivers 10 GPM at 135 RPM.

Included in the package are an aluminium 2" bung adapter and 1" female NPT inlet. Now FREE shipping for contiguous 48 states or a small charge for Alaska, Canada and Hawaii.

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