Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Gallon Water Bladder

Flexibility and portability have been two of important added values that people consider on basically everything. Function alone is sometimes not enough. That is why we have cell phones apart from the land line phones or portable hard drive against the normal hard drive fixed in our CPU at home.

Now there are drums to store water, why not portable water bladders?

Water bladders are extremely flexible water storage tanks ever made. It functions as temporary as well as long term water storage. When not in use, we can just collapse it, fold it, and store it without taking too much space.

This 30 gallon water bag we are featuring has two openings: a fill fitment with cap and drain fitment with faucet.

Complied with the U.S. FDA title 21 Code of Federal Regulations, the water bladder is assembled of an advanced food-grade material. It is also made of heavy duty polyurethane that is suitable for potable water.

The 3’ x 3’ water bag is not made of vinyl (PVC), therefore there will not be any effect on the odor or taste of the stored water. It also has an excellent freeze/thaw ability as well as exceptional water vapor barrier with strong chemical resistance.

To add all that, this durable water storage is able to resist tear and abrasion and it will not wrinkle, crease or crack easily.
Check how to fill the aquatank water storage bags here and if this post already convinces you to order one, do not hesitate to do that here for a free UPS ground shipment.

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  1. that makes a lot of sense I mean people do that when they go on hiking trips and what not and they work just fine it makes sense that you would be able to use it as a long term storage device.


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