Sunday, August 29, 2010

5-Gallon Buckets at Home

One can go on and on listing the so many uses of 5-gallon buckets. Be it at home, in the garden, in the industrial area, at a camping site, at a picnic spot, etc. these pails can never get wasted in any way.

Below are just a few of its uses at home.

• We can start from the kitchen. With these 5-gallon FDA approved food grade buckets, storing food or drink can never get any safer. Meeting the regulations of FDA, USDA, UFC and NMFC, they allow you to keep grains, cereals, flour, and sugar in bulk. With their lids on, these pails help keep your food dry.

  • At the playroom. Aren’t you tired to see the children’s playroom always look like a mess like after Katrina? These buckets can help you quickly store the toys without having to rearrange them in the shelves every 5 minutes after your child messes it up. And with the different bright colors these buckets have, organizing toys can never get any simpler. Lego in the blue pail, stuffed animals in red, and car toys in yellow.
  • At the garage. Where can you best store your tools or cleaning supplies? 5-gallon buckets. They save space and they are easy to label for different types of tools stored.
  • Garbage collector. So it’s a cleaning day. Why don’t you grab your 5-gallon bucket and put your cleaning tools inside, going to one room to another as you clean every bit of the house? When you find garbage on your way, pick it up and drop it in the pail, then move on with the cleaning. When things are done in a practical manner, cleaning job doesn’t look and feel that bad.

TIPS: make sure that your 5-gallon bucket or pail is 90 mil. It is the industry standard for quality heavy-duty plastic buckets.

Dimensions: 12"w x 15"h (+-) .10" Weight: 2 Lbs Wall Thickness: .090" (+-) .005"

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