Monday, August 23, 2010

54 Gallon Rain Water Barrel

Rain Saver Plastic Rain Water Barrel
Although in some parts of the world water is something to be taken for granted, in some arid parts of the USA, it has become scarcer during the dry season. People have now started to turn in to the ancient way of water saving by using rain water barrels. These barrels function to retrieve the rain water during the wet season and to use it during the drought. Advantages are abundant since A. it saves money in paying the ever so rising city water charge, and B. it protects the environment.

This 54-gallon rain water barrel could be a good use for every American home. It is made of premium quality food grade plastic (¼” thick, UV protected and new polyethylene) with two dispensing points to allow simultaneous hose and spigot access. The spigot is brass-threaded and is able to withstand harsh weather.

With the weight of 20 pounds, 36 inches in height and 23 inches in diameter, the rain barrel is a secure ‘closed design’ to prevent accidental drowning. The screened water intake port is also designed to avert entries of insects and debris.

This rain barrel is fully assembled for easy setup and flexibility. There are a screened automatic overflow and a six-foot diverter hose that can be extended to almost any length. If preserving rain water in one barrel is not enough, you can have two or more barrels that can be connected to this type of rain barrel via overflow hose. A linking adaptor is needed to perform this action, though.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, you have not even reached to the better part. For this item, a FREE delivery via FedEx Ground is granted to those living in the Contiguous USA. You can even choose the two colors available: Moss Green or Terra Cotta.

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