Saturday, August 28, 2010

Piston Drum Pump

So you have the bulky 50-gallon drum and you want to store liquid material inside. When it is full or half full, what are you going to do if you want to dispense a part of it without spilling any of the content?

Answer: you use a manual drum pump.

Manual drum pumps are very useful to move fluids like gas, chemicals or water. If the product you happen to store is lightweight liquid like light oil or water, the best drum pump to use is Piston Drum Pump.

Piston Drum Pump is often called the traditional type of manual pump for barrels. It works in a similar way to a bicycle pump that it is able to draw lightweight liquid out of the barrel.

The piston pump itself is not heavy in weight. It is easy to use and to keep, and due to its low price, it is the best value for money if storing light liquid in a big amount is what you intend to do.

This piston drum pump you see on the left can pump up to 20 gallons per 100 strokes. It is UL-listed for flammables so it is safe to store and to pump petroleum-based liquids.

The pump has a sturdy aluminum housing, stainless steel liner and piston shaft. It is easy to grip and the handle can be locked. The telescoping suction tube fits 15-55 gallon barrels with 2” NPS bung.

Piston Drum Pumps are available in three types: No-Drip Spout Piston Drum Pump, Piston Drum Pump with Hose and Nozzle, and Piston Drum Pump with Hose, Nozzle, Flow-Meter.

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