Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plastic Bucket Lids and Other Bucket/Pail Accessories

So you already have your plastic buckets. What else do you need beside them and the items you want to store? Their lids and a lid opener.

Flat Top Bucket Lids

These snap-on type pail lids fit for buckets of 3.5 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon. They are equipped with SBR rubber gasket to ensure a firm seal.

What makes these lids special? First, they are made of 90 ml heavy duty plastic. At normal handy stores, you will only find the thin 70 ml ones. Second, All of these colorful bucket lids, with an exception for the black lids, are made of FDA approved materials.

Pail Lid Remover

Great! Now your items are securely stored. But how are you going to open it in case you want to add some more items inside the bucket or you just want to take some of the stored goods for your own purpose without damaging the pail or the lid? You will need this Pail Lid Remover.

Watch this video that demonstrates how to use the pail lid remover.

Quantity discounts are available for this item.

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