Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nylon Piston Steel Pail Pump

As promised, our topic today is another type of pail pump – Nylon Piston Steel Pail Pump.

The pump that fits all bucket openings is made of zinc plated steel. This will prevent rust to inhibit and therefore it’s perfect to use for dispensing liquids. The nylon piston model handles solvents that are non-flammable and delivers 4 ounces per stroke.

The 4 lbs nylon piston steel pail pump is perfect for 5 to 6 gallon round pails. Included with the package is FLEXSPOUT® cap.

To see the other types of pumps for buckets, go back to our previous blog posts:
Good luck in finding the right pump for your buckets. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Siphon Pail and Bucket Pump

When you use your pails or buckets for storing liquid goods, a bucket pump is needed for easier dispensing. This is particularly if regular dispensing is often conducted. There are several kinds of pail pumps that you can choose. Some of them have been discussed: the steel pail pumps and carbon steel pumps. Another one is this Siphon pump.

This economic bucket pump is perfect for mildly corrosive liquids. It withstands content up to 140°F and it fits all types and sizes of pails and buckets. Whether it is a 5 gallon bucket or 6 gallon, chances are the siphon pump delivers what you expect it does.

This siphon pail pump is made of high-density polyethylene that makes it ideal for dispensing water-based liquids, detergents and even some petroleum products. The push-pull hand pump is simple and easy to use: A. pump to start the flow and B. control the siphon action with air vent in handle. If you do it right, there will be no spillage.

The 21” long pump dispenses liquid at 2 GPM and it is equipped with 16” x 3/8” hose. It is so economical it costs less than 5 dollars a piece. Slight price reduction is available for more orders. Find the detail of this awesome pail pump here

We will be discussing another type of bucket pump in the next post. Come back and check it out.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to Spot Good Quality 5 Gallon Jugs

5 gallon jugs are very useful to store liquid in bulk. Small industries and homes of a huge family may use them to store things like water, cooking oil, soap, etc. They are also practical to use for outdoor activities like camping or picnic parties.

For the food-storing purposes, you need to make sure that your 5 gallon jugs are good quality and safe to store things that we consume. The recent concern is on the material that is used to make the plastic jugs. The most common one is polycarbonate plastic, which is liked because it is lightweight. But there were some harmful chemical called Bisphenol A, or most often referred as BPA, found in polycarbonate that can leach to water. Exposure to BPA can be dangerous especially for fetus, infants and children as well as adults. Therefore there has been a call for companies to avoid the use of polycarbonate in plastic containers that will later be used for storing food or drinks.

This space-efficient container is made of high molecular weight polyethylene. It can contain 20 liters (5.28 gallon) of liquid inside. With convenient lifting handle and large 70mm screw cap opening for easy filling and draining without trapping residue, these jugs will be perfect for your industrial or home use.  It also has a translucent color that makes it easier for you to identify what it is inside. You don’t really want to mistakenly pour soap with orange juice, do you?

So, more info on this good quality jugs, visit this page

Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Bay Tec Steel Drums?

Drums have been playing a major part in an industry’s life. Goods need to be well stored and packaged before going into shipment. With the so many varieties of barrels that are used to keep different types of products, industries need to choose the right drums for them.

Some manufacturers that specialize in certain hazardous products like pharmaceuticals, chemicals or foods should take an extra awareness in the type of container they use. To prevent possibilities of serious damage or leakage, they need to make sure if the barrels they buy are:
  1. Made of food grade materials (if they are storing food products).
  2. Anti-rust.
  3. Passed certain tests that are widely recognized as safe (FDA, UN, USDA, etc.)

High quality steel drums provide more resistance against rust and certain dangerous substance. These barrels are manufactured quite a lot, but to find the best one for your product may need more research.

Bay Tec’s steel drums are made of the highest quality of materials and have gone through several tests to ensure that they are safe to contain some specific substances (please check the different specifications of each type of barrel you see). They also come in different styles: open head steel drums with removable lid, closed head steel drums, and stainless steel barrels made specifically for wine aging.

Not only that, some barrels are now coated in different colors for easier labeling. Our steel drums present these choices of colors: Blue (BL), Red (R), Green (GR), Yellow (Y), Orange (O), White (W), Gray (GY), Brown (BR) or Tan (T) with a minimum order of 50 drums.

So if you decide to give your products the best treatment in shipping, Bay Tec Steel Drums should be your choice. Get one today.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Square Plastic Pails and Lids

After reading how 5 gallon plastic buckets are so crucial in everyday’s life, some may wonder if there is another alternative style for the standard round plastic pails. The answer is yes, there is. This white square plastic pail can be a good option for those who adore simplicity.

FDA compliant, the square plastic buckets are suitable to store foods and drinks. The tamper-evident lids are sold separately. These removable and re-closable hinged, plastic lids are perfect for frequent opening and closing of the buckets.

Equipped with handles for easy carrying, these white square plastic buckets and lids are offered in many different sizes ranging from half gallon to 13 gallons.

Quantity pricing is available too. The more you buy, the less expensive for each you’ll need to pay. Check them out here now. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Steel Pail Pumps with Screw Cap Adapters

When storing light liquids like soaps, oils or other non-flammable solvents in your 5 gallon bucket, you may need a pail pump for easier dispensing. This steel pail pump is a great choice for that.

The pump is highly polished with carbon steel, which will allow storing liquid of higher temperature. The head gasket is made of neoprene that provides a more permanent seal than polyethylene gasket and stands up a lot of heat.

With polyethylene piston and packing, the pump delivers about 4 ounces per stroke. It comes with two choices in style: FLEXSPOUT adapter or set of four screw cap adapters. The latter measure at 1 ¾”, 2 1/8”, 2 ¼” and 2 7/8”.

There is an adjustable metering collar (MC842) slipped over handle, which is secured with screws. The metering collar will allow repeatable strokes from 2 ounces to 4 ounces.

Learn more about this product and the prices here.

Life is so easy with Bay Tec.

Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Gallon Buckets at a Camping Site

After discussing the versatile 5 gallon buckets at home, at the office and in the garden, it is time to step slightly away from our comfort zone to, let’s say, a camping site.

First of all, list all the things you need when going camping. A tent, a sleeping bag, a lantern, a flashlight, a pocket knife, a hammer, a first-aid kit, insect repellent, toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, etc. Obviously you put most of the things in your camping bag or just pile them up in the back of your car. But one thing you need to add in your long camping list is a 5 gallon pail, or two, or more.

  • 5 gallon bucket is useful as water container. Some camping sites may or may not have adequate proper toilet or shower. With 5 gallon pail, carrying water or toiletries is easier. In fact, if you make perforations at the bottom of the pail, it can function as a shower when hung on a branch of a tree.
  • It can be used as a camping light. Especially useful when it rains. Check a future blog post on how to make this camping light out of 5 gallon bucket.
  • If your 5 gallon pail is FDA-approved with food grade material, it can be used to store foods and drinks. If you don’t have it, our 5 gallon pails are made of the best food grade material and suitable for storing food.
  • It can be used as a homemade portable toilet if there are no toilets around. It will be discussed in a separate blog post.
Interested in being creative and utilize 5 gallon buckets up to their best use? You can start browsing the 5 gallon pails HERE and check this blog every now and then to get more creative ideas.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Section : Drum Handling Equipment

We have recently added a new section on Bay Tec’s website called Drum Handling Equipment.

This section offers drum handling products that can be extremely useful and practical in your project involving big heavy drums. They are also especially versatile if you are storing hazardous content.

The drum handling equipment page is broken into several sub-segments as follow:

  • Drum Craddles – especially useful if you are storing liquid material. It elevates the position of the drum and thus makes it easier to dispense the stored item.
  • Drum Grabbers – barrel gripping tools ranging from the simplest ones to the more complicated ones, like a forklift. These definitely make work easier when you need to remove a drum.
  • Drum Handlers – from drum transporter, Hydraulic lift to drum positioned, complete on this page.
  • Drum Lifters – including the forklift hooks, automatic lifters, and simple lifters for barrels and pails.
  • Drum Racks and Stackers – for an organized and easy work life. With these racks and stackers, you don’t only save space in your work area, but it is also easier to identify the barrels based on their content.

So, if you want the job gets done more easily and with less time consumption, you MUST check out this new section immediately.

We will be discussing each item separately in our blog, so stay tuned for new posts. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Gallon Stainless Steel Wine Barrel Stock Tank

Twice bigger in size from the previously discussed 5 gallon stainless steel wine barrel, this 10 gallon stainless steel wine barrel gives more advantage in the storage space.

First of all, why would we use stainless steel wine drum instead of the tradition oak barrel?

Well, nothing is wrong with the oak barrel. In fact, it has been trusted for the longest time as a good material to ferment wine into a good quality product. The taste of the oak would blend with the one of the wine together with the vanilla flavor eventually makes a better quality wine featured from the color, taste, and texture. 

However, it is a long, long process and could be tiring sometimes. And the oak wine barrels’ lifespan is not that long. Normally the flavor that the new oak wine barrel gives to the wine during aging process diminishes after about three or five years.

In the present world where the consumption of wine has been widespread and highly demanded, we need an alternative of making good wine in a shorter amount of time and in the most economical way. Stainless steel wine barrel is one of the alternatives we are talking about.

Firstly, with a stainless steel wine drum, we can more flexibility in determining how much oak flavor or yeasts we want to impart in the wine. This will allow us to produce wines that were not possibly made before.

Secondly, we can prevent too much evaporation which oak barrels allow the wine to do.

Thirdly, we save costs since stainless steel wine barrel is low in maintenance and durable in quality. If we want to have the similar or at least almost close to the taste to the wine that is aged traditionally, there are methods to cheat. One of them is by using oak shavings in a large ‘tea bag’ and place the bag in the stainless steel tank.

If you want to check more on the 10 gallon stainless steel wine barrel stock tank we are talking about now, check out this page for further specification. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lever-Action Polypropylene Drum Pump

When storing a liquid substance that is higher from the normal temperature, this polypropylene drum pump is a better choice than the polyethylene pump. Often used for food containers, polypropylene is a plastic material equipped with a much higher melting point than polyethylene.

This polypropylene drum pump is using a lever-action mechanism that is able to deliver up to 10 ounces per stroke. Made of FDA compliant materials, the pump is safe to use to dispense food and drink related liquid, even the viscous one, up to 2,200 cPs.

The hand pump has a telescoping suction tube that fits 15 – 55 gallon drums and 2” NPS bung. The self-venting spout is able to rotate 360° to allow easier dispensing activity.

If you decide to choose this lever-action polypropylene drum pump for your drum, please remember that it is not to use for heated drums or for dispensing liquid above 125° F.

For the prices info, check out this page.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cleaning 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket Properly

Your gardening project with the 5 gallon plastic bucket is over. Now you want to make use of it to something else inside the house, which requires it to be a more hygienic container. The first thing you need to do before storing anything into it is to clean it. Here are some tips  to do a proper cleaning to your 5 gallon plastic pail.

  • First and foremost, empty the bucket completely from any sticking dust, debris or whatever visible dirt you see on it.
  • Secondly, spurt some dishwashing detergent to the bottom of the bucket and mix it with some hot water.
  • Scrub thoroughly the surface of the pail both inside and outside.
  • Empty the bucket and rinse it with warm water to get rid of the soap residues.
  • Once looking clean, fill it in with hot water and stir in a cup of baking soda.
  • Close the lid and leave it under the sun for 48 hours.
  • When it is time, empty the pail once again and fill warm water in.
  • Have 2 cups of chlorine bleach ready and pour it into the water and stir well.
  • Put it back under the sun for another 48 hours.
  • Empty and rinse the bucket and lid and put it under the sun again to dry.

This time, your 5 gallon bucket is clean and ready for its next use, either at home or at the office.

You don't have any 5 gallon pails yet? Have one ordered now here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blackmer Rotary Pumps for the Flammables

Storing light to medium weight fuels like gasoline, chlorinated and petroleum solvents, ethers, ketones, acetates and turpentine needs the right pump to go. This rotary pump is perfect for those types of flammables with its reliable cast iron housing and rotor, carbon vanes, telescoping suction tube with Buna-N O-Ring and 2” NPS bung adapter.

The carbon vanes are self-lubricating and therefore are a good material for pumps that handle hazardous liquid. The Buna-N O-ring (nitrile) has an excellent resistance to petroleum products. It is a standard, most widely used material for this type of liquid.

The FM-approved pump is equipped with optional o-ring kit and/or solvent hose. It delivers 10 gallons per minute with the maximum viscosity of 350 cPs. The solvent O-Ring Kit has EPR and Vitron® o-rings for the suction tube. It replaces Nitrile O-Ring for certain solvents. While the solvent hose (not FM-approved) has nylon core. That is to replace the standard hose for certain solvents.

More info, click here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 Gallon Round Jug with Screw Cap

This 5 gallon round jug with screw cap has 100% high density, high molecular weight polyethylene. That means it is made of a very tough material with very high if not the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic ever made. It also makes the jug highly resistant to corrosive chemicals and abrasion. It can take hot material up to 160°F and is FDA and USDA approved, so it is safe to contain food and drink.

UN-rated for hazardous products, the 5 gallon jug is self supporting. As seen in the picture, the 5 gallon round jug has an easy-grip 180° swing handle and molded-in bottom grip for easy pouring and inline spout for complete draining.

To see more info on this product, click here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bacteria in Water Test Kit

Did you know that there are about a million cells of bacteria in every milliliter of fresh water? Well, it is true. And when the water gets so contaminated by hazardous bacteria, it can cause problems to human’s health, or worse, death. Digestive problems, fever, nausea, diarrhea are common problems caused by bacteria.

That is why we need to know and control the number of bacteria cells by doing a test at home, especially when you store fresh water in drums for latter use.

PRO-LAB’s Bacteria in water test kit is simple but helpful in identifying dangerous bacteria (Coliform and E. Coli) in 48 hours. EPA also recommends doing the total coliform and E. coli bacteria testing twice a year. These are the standard tests for the quality of food and drinks. If you want a more thorough research on the exact count and type of bacteria, a lab analysis is available with additional US$30 fee.

Better safe than sorry, right?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Gallon Pails in the Garden

Gardening can be a costly hobby, but with 5 gallon buckets, it is more cost-effective and flexible.
Although 5 gallon pails may look less attractive than pots sold at the gardening stores, but they are highly functional and absolutely useful.

As the Compost Containers
One way to cut costs is to make your own composts. Why throwing away the garden and food scraps if you can turn them into useful healthy compost for your plants. With a 5-gallon bucket, the natural fertilizer can be created easily. What you need to do is to drill your 5-gallon pail all over the sides about an inch apart from one another. Place the bucket outside and trash your kitchen leftovers and garden scraps and shake it occasionally. When it is too dry, add some water; but if it is too wet, add some newspaper.

As Pots
If you decide to grow vegetables or herbs, 5 gallon buckets comes useful again as containers. Cheap and highly practical, the pails serve their function well as pots. First of all, make about 10 holes on the bottom of the pail as water drainage. Fill it in with good quality soil and put compost to make it more fertilized. Plant your seeds/plants as instructed. If the appearance is a problem, you can always get creative with a bucket of paint and polish the 5 gallon pails with your favorite colors and design.

Happy Gardening!!!

You may also want to check out the use of 5 gallon buckets at home and in the office.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tips: Removing Rust from Stainless Steel Barrels

Have you ever caught your stainless steel barrels get rust? Depending on what you store inside the drums, the rust may affect to the product. Here are some of the tips to remove the rust:
  1. Make a solution consisting of water and vinegar at 1 : 3 ratio respectively
  2. With a sponge, wipe the rust stain on your barrel or drum and leave it alone for about 5 minutes. This will allow the solution to work on the rust
  3. Cleanse it gently with a soft brush
  4. Wash it with cool water
  5. Squeeze some lemon juice and mix it with 2 tsp of borax. Apply the paste on the rest of the rust stain. This will help eliminating the obstinate rust and its stain left. Let it sit there for another 5 minutes
  6. Wash again with cool water
  7. Dry the stainless steel drum with a clean rag right away so that it does not form another batch of rust

Another way to prevent your barrels from rusting is to choose those equipped with the corrosion inhibitor or chemical-resistant epoxy-phenolic lining that helps barrels to withstand higher temperature and high chemical. Some of those drums are offered here (closed head steel barrel) and here (open head steel barrel with lid).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carbon Steel Pump for Gallon Pail

If budget is a problem and only small amount of liquid needs to be dispensed from your container, this economical carbon steel gallon pail hand pump could be a good idea.

Delivering at 4 ounces of liquid per stroke, this hand pump has highly polished carbon steel with fluoropolymer  piston, packing and gasket; making it possess a high resistance to solvents, acids and bases.

The pump is FM approved, ensuring high quality of the product.

It is also equipped with bonding and grounding wires with heavy-duty alligator chips and supplied with 4 screw cap adapters in 1 ¾”, 2 1/8”, 2 ¼” and 2 7/8” sizes or FLEXSPOUT®adapter.

Now coming in 2 choices of carbon steel or stainless steel. Check it out soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gamma Seal Lids for Buckets

When you decide to use your 5 gallon buckets (or any other size in that matter), either at home or at the office or in your garden, you may or may not need a lid to fit the buckets for items that need to be stored in a tightly closed container. Gamma seal lid is a good answer to that.

These seals are made of BPA-free High Density Polyethylene. They are sturdy, practical, and worry-free. They are also made of FDA-approved Food Grade plastic material so it is good to store food or drinks since it provides a total airtight seal.

The pail lid includes a rubber gasket installed on the screw top inner cover and fits a standard plastic pail (3.5, 5 and 6 gallon pails).


This gamma seal lid is so practical and easy to use. Follow the instructions below and/or watch the video for a demonstration of the installation.
  1. To assemble, fix the adapter ring to the top of 12” diameter bucket
  2. Use your mallet to tightly attach the ring to the pail top
  3. Spin your gamma lid to close or open it.

These easy-to-use, multifunctional lids are offered as low as USD 3.98 and come in different colors to match your pails. Visit the webpage for more info.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 Gallon White Heavy Duty Premium Bucket

The normal buckets sold in the local handy dandy lumber yard are 70 mil plastic buckets. They are thin and usually non food-graded.

On the other hand, quality pails are thick, sturdy and durable. They are also usually rated by UN, FDA, etc. Like the 6 gallon white heavy duty premium bucket below.

These white plastic buckets are heavy duty premium 90 mil. They have met the regulations of UN, FDA, USDA, UFC, and NMFC. Therefore they can be used for storing food and chemical. Made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) material, the heavy duty pails are stronger than the other LDPE (low-density polyethylene) buckets. The pails can also be filled with hot items up to 190°F.

For more info on how to check if a pail is quality pail and well-rated, check out the video.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fiber Cardboard Drums for Fluorescent Light Recycling

Recycling has been a key element in daily life lately. People produce tons of waste everyday and it is vital to limit damages caused to the environment by the waste. Some are more dangerous than the others, like fluorescent lamp. Recycling fluorescent lamps should be done thoroughly and carefully so that it does not bother the environment but it does good for it.

Fluorescent light tubes and ballets are considered as hazardous wastes. They are then subject to specific controls from the moment it is handled, packaged, transported and disposed.

Did you know that one fluorescent tube can contaminate approximately 30,000 liters of water? Containing 94% glass, 4% ferrous and non-ferrous metal and 2% phosphor water, this lamp is too dangerous to be just thrown away to the landfill. Recycling is therefore essential for this type of waste.

Handling and packaging the lamps carefully before sending them to a recycling company is very important. One of the containers that can be used is fiber drum. Why fiber drums? Because it is environmentally friendly and cost effective. These cylindrical containers are manufactured from sturdy fiberboard. Below are some tips to do when handling fluorescent light recycling at the packaging stage with fiber drums.

  • Fill each drum with only one single diameter lamp. Do not mix lamps of different diameters in one drum.
  • For linear fluorescent lights, place them vertically; but for U-Tubes and compact fluorescent lamps, put them horizontally that it ensures more stability.
  • Do not force lamps into the drum when it is already full. Breakage may happen if the lights are packaged too tightly inside the fiber barrel.
  • Use paper, cardboard or bubble wrap to separate one lamp from the other to prevent any breakage. Use these materials to fill in the unused spaces in your container.
  • When ready, apply the lid and secure with tapes.

Bay Tec reusable fiber drums are designed especially for handling fluorescent lamps. With metal chime and polyseal on the bottom, they provide extra strength and moisture resistance. There is also a special order label area where the labels can be removed without damage to the drum. There is a clear print on the drums to create handlers to put more care and return the drums after use.

For more info on the sizes and prices, visit this page.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Teflon PTFE Rotary Drum Pump

Dispensing liquids that are extremely volatile, corrosive or harmful could be tricky. When the wrong pump is used, the effect of spillage can cost an injury or health damage. Therefore a more solid and stable pump is needed. In this case, Teflon PTFE rotary drum pump could be the best choice.
Since leveror piston pumps produce uneven flow, the thought of taking one of them must be eliminated at once when the drum is storing dangerous liquid. Instead, a rotary drum pump that is known for its constant flow should be used.
Another problem arises if the drum pump chosen is not equipped with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE, or more familiarly called Teflon, is a high-molecular-weight compound that consists of carbon and fluorine. The combination of the two prevents it to get wetted by water or oil. Normally one can find this compound used as a coating for cookware. The strength of carbon and fluorine bonds makes PTFE very non-reactive. That is why if you ever need to store highly reactive and corrosive chemicals in your drum, it is wise to choose a rotary pump that has PTFE coating in it. It functions as magnetic stirrer coatings and as tubing for highly corrosive liquids such as hydrofluoric acid.
The Teflon PTFE rotary drum pump as shown on the left is suitable for your strong chemical content in the drum. It delivers 6 GPM (gallon per minute) when other simpler stroke pumps can only do that for 1 or 2 GPM. The rotary system saves your energy while at the same time gives you more output. It handles liquids up to 1,000 cPs.
The wetted parts of the pump are coated with Teflon PTFE and stainless steel. Therefore it is ideal for dispensing strong liquids like alkalis, detergents, waxes, certain acids and water-based chemical.
Being a self-priming pump, it may also be used as a siphon pump. Position the handle straight down to begin the siphon and stop it by rotaring the handle one quarter turn.
Weighing at 4 lbs, the Teflon PTFE rotary barrel pump fits 2” NPS opening in 15-55 gallon barrels.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

5-Gallon Plastic Buckets at the Office

Who would have ever guessed that 5 gallon plastic buckets can be useful at the office? Perhaps not in the most visible area where you receive your business guests. But there are many other aspects that an office has than just having clients or business partners over. These are some of the many uses of 5 gallon pails in your office.

Used paper container.
Research shows that Americans waste approximately 4 million tons of office paper in a year. So here is a little advice: recycle your paper and use it until you cannot use it. When you receive a letter or print out a document that you no longer use, store them in a 5 gallon bucket for future use. You may need to use scrap paper one of these days and you can save the environment by using both sides of the used paper stored there.

A waste bin.
Yes, a waste bin. Why not? Every office needs a waste bin. When you are done writing on both sides of a piece of paper, throw it away in your 5 gallon pail waste bin.

Stationary storage.
Is your office lack in space and another shelf or rack will only make it smaller? Use a 5 gallon bucket to store things like stationary. An office needs to stock up office supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, staple pins, post-it notes, cartridges, etc. You can store these little things in the pail until the one on your desk runs out.

Past correspondence container.
Bills, contract agreements, invoices can also be stored in a 5 gallon bucket. You may not need these papers anymore, but you may want to keep them if they are needed in the future for a reference. A space-saver 5 gallon pail can be a perfect place to store them. All you need to do is put a label of the type of documents you are storing and/or the year.

Do you need ideas how you can use 5 gallon pails at home? Check this blog article out.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Open Head Steel Drums

If there are closed head steel drums, there should naturally be open head steel drums. These two types of steel barrels are distinguished from primarily their uses and what kind of items we want to store in them
Closed head steel barrels are best to store liquid. The closed head design will prevent the stored liquid to be spilling. They usually come with a bung opening, which makes it easier to dispense it.

The open head steel drums, on the other hand, give more choices on the types of item to store. It can be liquid, though an additional tight lid may be a necessity; but most of the time the open top drums are good to store dry goods. This type of barrel allows you to get to your products more easily.

Why choose steel?

It depends on the items you want to store, but steel makes the barrels stronger. Steel drums also deliver more confidence on UN rating.

If you want to buy a steel drum with open head, please make sure you pay attention to these following notions:

1.       When a lid is necessary to put on the drum, you need to choose which kind of mechanism that should go around the top circumference of the barrel. If you want to store something that need frequent lid opening and closing activities, choose a lever-latch system. It has a lever to secure against the drum ring, but it also gives much flexibility in opening and closing the lid.
2.       If you don’t think getting in and out of the items of the drums will happen a lot, a bolt ring could be useful. The bolt and nut in a bolt ring function to fasten and tighten the ring in place.
3.       If you want to store hazardous material, it is best to use the bolt ring around the top ring of the drums. Bolt rings provide more security and it is tamper resistant. This open head steel barrel is perfect to store it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oxygen Absorbers for 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets

When storing food or other materials that can decay after some time, oxygen absorber is needed. Oxygen absorber is an active ingredient made of powdered iron oxide. It is totally  safe and non toxic. As its name suggests, oxygen absorber is used to absorb oxygen in a container that is storing food, so that organism like aerobic pathogens do not get to grow and multiply and do their work: destroy food.

So you will need to put the right amount of oxygen absorbers when you want to store these types of items:
  • Breads, cookies, cakes, pastries
  • Nuts and snacks
  • Candies and confectioneries
  • Coffees and tea
  • Whole fat dry foods
  • Processed, smoked and cured meats
  • Cheeses and dairy products
  • Dried fruits and vegetables
  • Spices and seasonings
  • Flour and grain items
  • Fresh and precooked pasta and noodles
  • Pharmaceuticals and vitamins
  • Medical diagnostic kits and devices
  • Birdseed and pet food
  • Artwork preservation

This one individual package (2000 cc) of oxygen absorber is suitable to put in a 5-gallon bucket of food produce. It is useful to remove high residual oxygen within hours after it is first stored and sealed. When stored properly (sealed within 30 minutes after the absorber is put inside the bucket), the food items will be safe from any rotting activities for years.

BayTec’s oxygen absorbers meet the highest world food and pharmaceutical quality standards. They are safe for food products and do not eliminate the fresh smell and taste of the products.

Browse HERE for oxygen absorbers that are good for other sizes of buckets.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stainless Steel Drum and Pail Pump with Flexspout Adapter

This hand drum pump dispenses up to 8 ounces per stroke. But it also has an optional adjustable metering collar 8MC842 attached to the pump shaft to allow repeatable strokes from 2 to 8 ounces.

Made of 316 stainless steel, the stainless drum and pail pump handles most liquids including methylene chloride, trichlorethane, and Freon TE. However, it is NOT recommended for: Ammonium Chloride, Aqua Regia, Bromine Water, Calcium Chloride, Chloracetic Acid, Chlorine Water, Ferric Chloride, Ferrous Chloride, Freon 12, Hydrobromic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Stannic Chloride and Sulfuric Acid.

This stainless steel drum and pail pump is of Teflon piston and packing. It also includes 2” NPS adapter and a FLEXSPOUT adapter or a set of 4 screw cap adapters. Cap adapter sizes are 1-3/4”, 2-1/8”, 2-1/4” and 2-7/8”.

More info on this product, visit this page.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Colored Super Heavy Duty Plastic Drums

Are you looking for plastic drums with thicker and heavier polyethylene material that is safe for the environment? These Super Heavy Duty Drums could be the answer.

The rugged, low density polyethylene drums are perfect for containing chemicals, food, cosmetics, electronic parts, pharmaceuticals, waste, soil, household products, dyes, pigments, cleaning compounds, soaps and detergents. It is FDA-approved so eliminate the worry that these could endanger anyone’s health in any way possible.

The 180” nominal wall thickness these drums have makes them the most demanded items in the market. Durable and flawless, the plastic barrels are rustproof and dent-proof. Therefore they are ideal to be put outside.

The drums are made in different colors so that it makes easy for product coding and identification. They also come with the choice of open-top with bolt ring and plain cover OR lever-lock with 1-2” bung cap and 1-3/4” plug.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

5-Gallon Plastic Jugs

Storing different types of liquid requires certain material to make sure that the container does not do any harm to the content or the people who use it. When discussing about what substance is best for liquid container, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the one.

Industrial world has believed that HDPE container is the top choice for storing food, drinking water, body product and chemical. One can identify that a plastic container is made of HDPE material from its milky transparent color.

These 5-gallon plastic jugs are an example of the so many things made from HDPE. The jugs are of 100% high density, high molecular weight polyethylene. Therefore it is suitable to contain food and chemicals. They are also rated by the UN as safe to take hazardous products.

The smooth-looking jugs have an easy-grip 180° swing handle and molded-in bottom grip for easy pouring which makes them highly flexible and self-supporting.

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16 oz PUROGENE Water Storage Treatment

When storing drinking water in storage for a long time, the biggest problem is that the water may develop weird taste and odor. Then we start wondering if it still fits to drink.

One absolutely effective way to tackle this problem is to use PUROGENE.

PUROGENE is drinking water storage treatment approved by the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). An ounce of PUROGENE solution is able to disinfect 10 gallon of water and when used for regular treatment, an ounce can purify as much as 30 gallon of water.

Containing 2% solution of stabilized chlorine dioxide, PUROGENE – even in its concentrated form – is safe to handle. Chlorine dioxide has been known as a safe way to treat water for more than 50 years now. By using PUROGENE to treat or disinfect your water storage, there will not be any chlorine taste or odor to the water. In fact, it will eliminate other off-tastes that originally come from the water poured.

16oz PUROGENE Water Treatment is at present Bay Tec’s BEST SELLER. Functioning mainly to destroy existing bacterial colonies and to prevent them to regenerate, PUROGENE works in all types of water system. Whether it is cold water system or hot water system; plastic tanks, Fiberglas tanks or metal tanks, PUROGENE is the best choice to purify your water storage and keep it safe and drinkable for a long period of time.

Please read the manual before use.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life Latch Bucket and Pail Lid Combo

There are times we want to store something but we are afraid that it could be accidentally opened before the opening time. Your children and their usual high level of curiosity might want to check out whatever it is you put inside a storing bucket.

To save your energy from yelling at them for having opened your storage container, why not have these plastic buckets with screw-top opening? They feature innovative trigger mechanism that automatically secures the tamper-evident cover. They are absolutely child resistant but at the same time senior friendly as it is easy to open and reseal. Those buckets have an easy finger-activated release to allow the cover to be opened. When closing, the vacuum-tight, moisture-resistant seal will ensure the lid to be properly and tightly shut and keep the materials stored inside safe from possible damage.

Not only that, these UN-rated and DOT-35 approved plastic buckets include reusable plastic buckets with built-on plastic handle and a removable and reusable plastic cover. They also keep away unwanted animals like moths, weevils, or mice.

Coming in white color for the buckets and a few colored colors for the lids, these life latch plastic pails are available in different sizes: 0.6 Gallon, 1.25 Gallon, 2 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, 3.5 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 5.5 Gallon , 6.5 Gallon and 13.5 Gallon.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Polypropylene Steel Plastic Lever Drum Pump

This type of manual hand pump uses a more sophisticated system than the traditional Piston Drum Pump. It works at a relatively similar method, but the levering scheme makes it easier for more liquid to come out with less physical effort from our side.

Made of steel and polypropylene, or thermoplastic polymer, this lever drum pump is considered highly reliable. Wetted parts include the pump body, rod, piston and packing.

Delivering 20 oz per stroke at 9 GPM (Gallons per Minute), it pumps up to 800 cP viscosity and best for use in storage cabinets or other low-headroom places. It is also compatible to use with 2” bung adapter on 15, 30, and 55 gallon steel or plastic drums.

The lever drum pump with the overall dimensions of 4 ¾” O.D. x 50” L has five models to choose from based on the chemical compatibility. It also comes with 2” bung adapter, 23 mm O.D. outlet spout, and 36” 3-piece telescoping intake tube that are made of the same material as the pump body.

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