Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Gallon Stainless Steel Wine Barrel Stock Tank

Twice bigger in size from the previously discussed 5 gallon stainless steel wine barrel, this 10 gallon stainless steel wine barrel gives more advantage in the storage space.

First of all, why would we use stainless steel wine drum instead of the tradition oak barrel?

Well, nothing is wrong with the oak barrel. In fact, it has been trusted for the longest time as a good material to ferment wine into a good quality product. The taste of the oak would blend with the one of the wine together with the vanilla flavor eventually makes a better quality wine featured from the color, taste, and texture. 

However, it is a long, long process and could be tiring sometimes. And the oak wine barrels’ lifespan is not that long. Normally the flavor that the new oak wine barrel gives to the wine during aging process diminishes after about three or five years.

In the present world where the consumption of wine has been widespread and highly demanded, we need an alternative of making good wine in a shorter amount of time and in the most economical way. Stainless steel wine barrel is one of the alternatives we are talking about.

Firstly, with a stainless steel wine drum, we can more flexibility in determining how much oak flavor or yeasts we want to impart in the wine. This will allow us to produce wines that were not possibly made before.

Secondly, we can prevent too much evaporation which oak barrels allow the wine to do.

Thirdly, we save costs since stainless steel wine barrel is low in maintenance and durable in quality. If we want to have the similar or at least almost close to the taste to the wine that is aged traditionally, there are methods to cheat. One of them is by using oak shavings in a large ‘tea bag’ and place the bag in the stainless steel tank.

If you want to check more on the 10 gallon stainless steel wine barrel stock tank we are talking about now, check out this page for further specification. 

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