Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Gallon Pails in the Garden

Gardening can be a costly hobby, but with 5 gallon buckets, it is more cost-effective and flexible.
Although 5 gallon pails may look less attractive than pots sold at the gardening stores, but they are highly functional and absolutely useful.

As the Compost Containers
One way to cut costs is to make your own composts. Why throwing away the garden and food scraps if you can turn them into useful healthy compost for your plants. With a 5-gallon bucket, the natural fertilizer can be created easily. What you need to do is to drill your 5-gallon pail all over the sides about an inch apart from one another. Place the bucket outside and trash your kitchen leftovers and garden scraps and shake it occasionally. When it is too dry, add some water; but if it is too wet, add some newspaper.

As Pots
If you decide to grow vegetables or herbs, 5 gallon buckets comes useful again as containers. Cheap and highly practical, the pails serve their function well as pots. First of all, make about 10 holes on the bottom of the pail as water drainage. Fill it in with good quality soil and put compost to make it more fertilized. Plant your seeds/plants as instructed. If the appearance is a problem, you can always get creative with a bucket of paint and polish the 5 gallon pails with your favorite colors and design.

Happy Gardening!!!

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  1. My brother-in-law uses 5-gallon buckets in his garden. He cuts the bottom completely out and pushes the bucket down into the dirt
    around individual tomato plants. He can plant early in the season with no fear of frost damage (as the bucket is an insulator) and also protects the small plant from the 4-legged pests to get a good growth start. He'll place the "cage" inside the bucket and as the plants grow the bucket supports the cage as well. He has some of the healthiest tomato plants with overwhelming fruit we've ever seen. I am trying it this year with my tomato plants using the pink buckets I ordered from Baytec last year.

  2. check out youtube for self watering 5 gal buckets to make yourself!


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