Sunday, September 5, 2010

Colored Super Heavy Duty Plastic Drums

Are you looking for plastic drums with thicker and heavier polyethylene material that is safe for the environment? These Super Heavy Duty Drums could be the answer.

The rugged, low density polyethylene drums are perfect for containing chemicals, food, cosmetics, electronic parts, pharmaceuticals, waste, soil, household products, dyes, pigments, cleaning compounds, soaps and detergents. It is FDA-approved so eliminate the worry that these could endanger anyone’s health in any way possible.

The 180” nominal wall thickness these drums have makes them the most demanded items in the market. Durable and flawless, the plastic barrels are rustproof and dent-proof. Therefore they are ideal to be put outside.

The drums are made in different colors so that it makes easy for product coding and identification. They also come with the choice of open-top with bolt ring and plain cover OR lever-lock with 1-2” bung cap and 1-3/4” plug.

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