Monday, September 13, 2010

Gamma Seal Lids for Buckets

When you decide to use your 5 gallon buckets (or any other size in that matter), either at home or at the office or in your garden, you may or may not need a lid to fit the buckets for items that need to be stored in a tightly closed container. Gamma seal lid is a good answer to that.

These seals are made of BPA-free High Density Polyethylene. They are sturdy, practical, and worry-free. They are also made of FDA-approved Food Grade plastic material so it is good to store food or drinks since it provides a total airtight seal.

The pail lid includes a rubber gasket installed on the screw top inner cover and fits a standard plastic pail (3.5, 5 and 6 gallon pails).


This gamma seal lid is so practical and easy to use. Follow the instructions below and/or watch the video for a demonstration of the installation.
  1. To assemble, fix the adapter ring to the top of 12” diameter bucket
  2. Use your mallet to tightly attach the ring to the pail top
  3. Spin your gamma lid to close or open it.

These easy-to-use, multifunctional lids are offered as low as USD 3.98 and come in different colors to match your pails. Visit the webpage for more info.

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