Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lever-Action Polypropylene Drum Pump

When storing a liquid substance that is higher from the normal temperature, this polypropylene drum pump is a better choice than the polyethylene pump. Often used for food containers, polypropylene is a plastic material equipped with a much higher melting point than polyethylene.

This polypropylene drum pump is using a lever-action mechanism that is able to deliver up to 10 ounces per stroke. Made of FDA compliant materials, the pump is safe to use to dispense food and drink related liquid, even the viscous one, up to 2,200 cPs.

The hand pump has a telescoping suction tube that fits 15 – 55 gallon drums and 2” NPS bung. The self-venting spout is able to rotate 360° to allow easier dispensing activity.

If you decide to choose this lever-action polypropylene drum pump for your drum, please remember that it is not to use for heated drums or for dispensing liquid above 125° F.

For the prices info, check out this page.

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