Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life Latch Bucket and Pail Lid Combo

There are times we want to store something but we are afraid that it could be accidentally opened before the opening time. Your children and their usual high level of curiosity might want to check out whatever it is you put inside a storing bucket.

To save your energy from yelling at them for having opened your storage container, why not have these plastic buckets with screw-top opening? They feature innovative trigger mechanism that automatically secures the tamper-evident cover. They are absolutely child resistant but at the same time senior friendly as it is easy to open and reseal. Those buckets have an easy finger-activated release to allow the cover to be opened. When closing, the vacuum-tight, moisture-resistant seal will ensure the lid to be properly and tightly shut and keep the materials stored inside safe from possible damage.

Not only that, these UN-rated and DOT-35 approved plastic buckets include reusable plastic buckets with built-on plastic handle and a removable and reusable plastic cover. They also keep away unwanted animals like moths, weevils, or mice.

Coming in white color for the buckets and a few colored colors for the lids, these life latch plastic pails are available in different sizes: 0.6 Gallon, 1.25 Gallon, 2 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, 3.5 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 5.5 Gallon , 6.5 Gallon and 13.5 Gallon.

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