Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Section : Drum Handling Equipment

We have recently added a new section on Bay Tec’s website called Drum Handling Equipment.

This section offers drum handling products that can be extremely useful and practical in your project involving big heavy drums. They are also especially versatile if you are storing hazardous content.

The drum handling equipment page is broken into several sub-segments as follow:

  • Drum Craddles – especially useful if you are storing liquid material. It elevates the position of the drum and thus makes it easier to dispense the stored item.
  • Drum Grabbers – barrel gripping tools ranging from the simplest ones to the more complicated ones, like a forklift. These definitely make work easier when you need to remove a drum.
  • Drum Handlers – from drum transporter, Hydraulic lift to drum positioned, complete on this page.
  • Drum Lifters – including the forklift hooks, automatic lifters, and simple lifters for barrels and pails.
  • Drum Racks and Stackers – for an organized and easy work life. With these racks and stackers, you don’t only save space in your work area, but it is also easier to identify the barrels based on their content.

So, if you want the job gets done more easily and with less time consumption, you MUST check out this new section immediately.

We will be discussing each item separately in our blog, so stay tuned for new posts. 


  1. I was looking for drum equipment and found yours, its really nice blog.

  2. Huge industries always need technology to pick huge weight and that can be possible by using drum handling equipment which can be have various quality to lift a weight.


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