Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Open Head Steel Drums

If there are closed head steel drums, there should naturally be open head steel drums. These two types of steel barrels are distinguished from primarily their uses and what kind of items we want to store in them
Closed head steel barrels are best to store liquid. The closed head design will prevent the stored liquid to be spilling. They usually come with a bung opening, which makes it easier to dispense it.

The open head steel drums, on the other hand, give more choices on the types of item to store. It can be liquid, though an additional tight lid may be a necessity; but most of the time the open top drums are good to store dry goods. This type of barrel allows you to get to your products more easily.

Why choose steel?

It depends on the items you want to store, but steel makes the barrels stronger. Steel drums also deliver more confidence on UN rating.

If you want to buy a steel drum with open head, please make sure you pay attention to these following notions:

1.       When a lid is necessary to put on the drum, you need to choose which kind of mechanism that should go around the top circumference of the barrel. If you want to store something that need frequent lid opening and closing activities, choose a lever-latch system. It has a lever to secure against the drum ring, but it also gives much flexibility in opening and closing the lid.
2.       If you don’t think getting in and out of the items of the drums will happen a lot, a bolt ring could be useful. The bolt and nut in a bolt ring function to fasten and tighten the ring in place.
3.       If you want to store hazardous material, it is best to use the bolt ring around the top ring of the drums. Bolt rings provide more security and it is tamper resistant. This open head steel barrel is perfect to store it.

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