Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Siphon Pail and Bucket Pump

When you use your pails or buckets for storing liquid goods, a bucket pump is needed for easier dispensing. This is particularly if regular dispensing is often conducted. There are several kinds of pail pumps that you can choose. Some of them have been discussed: the steel pail pumps and carbon steel pumps. Another one is this Siphon pump.

This economic bucket pump is perfect for mildly corrosive liquids. It withstands content up to 140°F and it fits all types and sizes of pails and buckets. Whether it is a 5 gallon bucket or 6 gallon, chances are the siphon pump delivers what you expect it does.

This siphon pail pump is made of high-density polyethylene that makes it ideal for dispensing water-based liquids, detergents and even some petroleum products. The push-pull hand pump is simple and easy to use: A. pump to start the flow and B. control the siphon action with air vent in handle. If you do it right, there will be no spillage.

The 21” long pump dispenses liquid at 2 GPM and it is equipped with 16” x 3/8” hose. It is so economical it costs less than 5 dollars a piece. Slight price reduction is available for more orders. Find the detail of this awesome pail pump here

We will be discussing another type of bucket pump in the next post. Come back and check it out.

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