Friday, September 10, 2010

Teflon PTFE Rotary Drum Pump

Dispensing liquids that are extremely volatile, corrosive or harmful could be tricky. When the wrong pump is used, the effect of spillage can cost an injury or health damage. Therefore a more solid and stable pump is needed. In this case, Teflon PTFE rotary drum pump could be the best choice.
Since leveror piston pumps produce uneven flow, the thought of taking one of them must be eliminated at once when the drum is storing dangerous liquid. Instead, a rotary drum pump that is known for its constant flow should be used.
Another problem arises if the drum pump chosen is not equipped with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE, or more familiarly called Teflon, is a high-molecular-weight compound that consists of carbon and fluorine. The combination of the two prevents it to get wetted by water or oil. Normally one can find this compound used as a coating for cookware. The strength of carbon and fluorine bonds makes PTFE very non-reactive. That is why if you ever need to store highly reactive and corrosive chemicals in your drum, it is wise to choose a rotary pump that has PTFE coating in it. It functions as magnetic stirrer coatings and as tubing for highly corrosive liquids such as hydrofluoric acid.
The Teflon PTFE rotary drum pump as shown on the left is suitable for your strong chemical content in the drum. It delivers 6 GPM (gallon per minute) when other simpler stroke pumps can only do that for 1 or 2 GPM. The rotary system saves your energy while at the same time gives you more output. It handles liquids up to 1,000 cPs.
The wetted parts of the pump are coated with Teflon PTFE and stainless steel. Therefore it is ideal for dispensing strong liquids like alkalis, detergents, waxes, certain acids and water-based chemical.
Being a self-priming pump, it may also be used as a siphon pump. Position the handle straight down to begin the siphon and stop it by rotaring the handle one quarter turn.
Weighing at 4 lbs, the Teflon PTFE rotary barrel pump fits 2” NPS opening in 15-55 gallon barrels.

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