Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Bay Tec Steel Drums?

Drums have been playing a major part in an industry’s life. Goods need to be well stored and packaged before going into shipment. With the so many varieties of barrels that are used to keep different types of products, industries need to choose the right drums for them.

Some manufacturers that specialize in certain hazardous products like pharmaceuticals, chemicals or foods should take an extra awareness in the type of container they use. To prevent possibilities of serious damage or leakage, they need to make sure if the barrels they buy are:
  1. Made of food grade materials (if they are storing food products).
  2. Anti-rust.
  3. Passed certain tests that are widely recognized as safe (FDA, UN, USDA, etc.)

High quality steel drums provide more resistance against rust and certain dangerous substance. These barrels are manufactured quite a lot, but to find the best one for your product may need more research.

Bay Tec’s steel drums are made of the highest quality of materials and have gone through several tests to ensure that they are safe to contain some specific substances (please check the different specifications of each type of barrel you see). They also come in different styles: open head steel drums with removable lid, closed head steel drums, and stainless steel barrels made specifically for wine aging.

Not only that, some barrels are now coated in different colors for easier labeling. Our steel drums present these choices of colors: Blue (BL), Red (R), Green (GR), Yellow (Y), Orange (O), White (W), Gray (GY), Brown (BR) or Tan (T) with a minimum order of 50 drums.

So if you decide to give your products the best treatment in shipping, Bay Tec Steel Drums should be your choice. Get one today.

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