Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 Gallon Buckets at School

Not only versatile at home, at the office, in the garden and at the camp site, 5 gallon buckets are also useful at school – especially for the very young pupils.

Firstly, like its use as a container for toys at the play room at home, the same thing can be applied in kindergarten classes. Multi color 5 gallon pails are good to store the teaching props – which are basically toys, too.

Secondly, 5 gallon buckets can also be used as the “lockers” for the students’ good. With bright-colored pails, the kids will absolutely dig them. They can store their coloring pencils, erasers, rulers, and even books.

Thirdly, these multifunction buckets can be brought outside on a field trip or just outdoor teaching and function as the seats for the children! All you need to do is to place the pails upside down, cover the bottom of the pail (which is now the top) with a thin cushion to add more comfort for the kids. Practical.

Fourthly, they can be used as one of the teaching props, too! Different colors on different pails will teach students of early age the colors. This is obviously also useful at a language class. Besides the colors, they can be used in classroom games, too (more on future blog post, so keep checking the blog regularly).

So, if you are a teacher or a parent that want to encourage a great learning situation for the children and if you see that these tips have a point, you may start browsing our 5 gallon pails. They come in different colors and are proven to be useful wherever they are placed and whatever they are used for.

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