Monday, October 11, 2010

Adjustable Pail Dolly

Adjustable pail dolly
A dolly is needed especially when a heavy container needs a high mobility. Drums are normally pretty weighty to carry around, but then some pails are too.

This pail dolly offers flexibility and it also enables you to move your heavy bucket around. It is perfect for pails whose bottom is flat and made from either plastic or steel.

The dolly is equipped with an adjusting screw which makes it usable for 5 gallon buckets to 7 gallon buckets.  With phenolic casters, the dolly is capable to handle 200 lbs buckets.

However, the most interesting feature from this pail dolly is that it is adjustable. Coming with a screw that can be tightened or loosened depending on the size of the pail, it ensures that the bucket won’t ever fall off.

Take a look on this page to see this fantastic offer.

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