Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beckson Drum Pump

Beckson Drum Pumps are a great choice if you want to pump out your alkalis, acids or petroleum products. These hand drum pumps are made of a special PVC resin that eliminates the danger of lifting or tilting drums. With the PVC, the material is safely transferred from your drum to another container.

The self-priming drum pumps are designed to have high durability and safety. Constructed with the combination of valve and seal materials, Beckson drum pumps also have optional strap-lock slips over the pump to be padlocked in place to prevent unauthorized dispensing.

The models of Beckson pumps that we have include those for steel or plastic drums. They are also divided based on the type of liquid stored. Refer to this short guide for the most compatible pump to go with your contained fluid and check with our helpful representatives if it indeed fits your need.

For alkalis: choices are between stroke plastic pump with 2" buttress and 3' hose and stroke steel pump with 2" NPS bung and 6' hose. These are good to transfer detergents, waxes, alkalis and certain acids.

For petroleum: choices are between stroke steel pump with 2"NPS bung and 3' hose and the same kind with 6' hose.

For water/utility: choices are between steel pump with 2" NPS bung and 3' hose and plastic pump with 2" buttress and 6' hose

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