Saturday, October 9, 2010

Economical Rotary Drum Pumps

When you store light oils, anti-freeze or other non-flammable and non-combustible liquids in a drum with the capacity of 15 to 55 gallons with 2” NPS bung, this rotary drum pump with curved spout may be an ideal choice. It is economical even before sale price ($69.95), and now it is ridiculously a super saving product with 14% discount ($59.95).
The sale price sounds like a cheat with these given features:
-          The rotary system works in both directions
-          Cast iron
-          Curved discharge spout
-          7 ½ gallons per 100 revolutions
-          Comes with 3-piece 47” suction tube
-          Steel vane material
If you wish to have several other additions like hose or drip pan model with the pump, it is also possible. Hose functions as an extension of the liquid discharge, while drip pan returns drips and spills back to the drum. This makes this type of rotary drum pump as economical as ever. So better check it out here while the sale lasts.

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