Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food Preservation : Mylar Bags

One of the many ways to preserve food is by using Mylar bags. A Mylar bag is a clear material made from polyester resin. There are various uses of Mylar bags, but they are most often found in food preservation activities.

Certain types of food are easily preserved when contained in these bags and tightly sealed with hot jaw sealer. This way no moisture or air is allowed to get in and out of the bag, which stops the food from deteriorating since there will be no oxygen inside to encourage the preserved food from being spoilt.

For food products like cookies, pastries, nuts, candies and confectioneries and many others, Mylar bags can be a great option to do this food preservation. They do not take much space and they are flexibly stored and preserved.

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  1. Mylar bags are a great way to preserve food. It is amazing how much healthier you can be if you properly store you food.