Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goatthroat Pumps

If you have containers that have 2" bung openings, chances are you might need one of these versatile goatthroat pumps. The 100% polypropylene-constructed pumps fit any containers that have the openings of this size. They deliver up to 4 gallons per minute depending on the viscosity of the stored liquid and it will be dispensed through a built-in faucet.

These pumps can be pressurized either by hand or air adapter. Hand work can be applied by making a few strokes of the upper handle (push-pull) while if the viscosity is rather heavy, air adapter may help more.

These pumps come with four different seals; i.e. Nitrile, EPDM, Santoprene and Viton. They work with over 700 chemicals and won't leak, spill or splash. However, it does not work with flammable contents. To make sure that the goatthroat pumps you are ordering fit your liquid, call us here: 888-460-3786.

The goatthroat pumps come with 2 years warranty on the listed chemicals. To order and check the prices out, click here. To get a better understanding on which pump is best for you, our friendly representatives will be more than happy to give a free consultation via email or telephone (888-460-3786). 

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