Friday, October 1, 2010

High Capacity Drum Cradle with No Wheels

Another important drum accessory that is often used in storing liquid content is drum cradle. Drum cradles help easier dispensing as the drum is put sideways, with their top and faucet facing on our side.

This non-wheeled high capacity drum cradle can handle 55 gallon steel drums. Its body is double welded with steel frame and can contain 1000 lb capacity. The cradle is design to resist slippage with its skid resistant frame and its built-in lower chime hook on its nose plate. Of course the latter only works if the steel drum has a top rim for the chime hook on the handle. The drum also needs to be 29”H to be compatible with this cradle.

The cradle frame measures 30” long by 18” wide by 20 ¼” tall. If you order it, you get it already assembled.
More on this high capacity steel drum cradle here.

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