Thursday, October 28, 2010

High Output and Corrosion Resistant Pumps

If you ever need a fast, double-acting and self priming pump, these high output and corrosion resistant pumps are for you. They handle a variety of non-flammable chemicals with high viscosity (up to 350 cPs) and produce high output; i.e. 1 quart per stroke.

These anti rust pumps are constructed with high strength glass-reinforced plastic with 316 stainless steel internal parts and a PTFE piston ring. Included in the pumps are 1" NPT inlet with stainless steel inlet screen, ¾" NPT discharge, 8' hose with elbow and nozzle and one 2" NPS drum bung adapter. There is also a handle for padlocks (padlocks excluded).

This type of pumps are broken into several models as mentioned below:

Confusing? Our staff is happy to help you. You just need to supply us with the MSDS sheet to confirm the chemical compatibility when you order.

If you don't feel like using hose and want to replace it with a discharge spout, we have discharge spout for polyester pumps and for halar pumps.

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