Monday, October 4, 2010

Steel Drums or Plastic Drums?

When do we have to use steel drums and when do we have to use plastic drums? These are a couple of questions to answer your question.

What is the material that you want to store?
 If you want to use the barrels for harvesting rain, plastic drums are the best. Plastic barrels have more resistance against corrosion and they can keep the water clean for other uses (watering the garden, showering, etc.)

If you need drums to contain crude oil or other petroleum products, steel barrels are the standard use. Also make sure that the steel drums meet the UN requirements for hazardous materials.

If you want to age wine, stainless steel barrels will be a good choice. They have been known as the alternative wine-aging barrels from the traditional oak barrels.

Where do you want to keep your barrels?

If you are keeping them outside or off the shade, it is very important to see if the drum material is made from rust inhibitor. Therefore, plastic is good for outside use. If they are going to be kept inside, all the other barrels will be fine to use. However, the rust resistant material will also come to a great benefit to protect the barrels and the products inside from the humidity.

Good luck finding the best drums for your product! If you have any question or need a suggestion, don’t hesitate to call (888460-DRUM) or email us for free consultation. 

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