Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tipping Lever Drum Cradle

“What is the specialty of drum cradle with a built-in tipping lever?” you might ask.
For one, it makes liquid dispensing a much easier task. You may not need a pump to take the liquid out as you will reposition the barrel horizontally instead of vertically. With only the right faucet for opening and closing the access of the liquid, draining drum can’t be any easier.
This tipping lever drum cradle fits 55 gallon steel drums with a maximum capacity of 600 lb. It has 15” drain height, so make sure the container where you are filling into is less tall than that.
The cradle comes with different choices to suit your storing room conditions:
-          With built-in inboard wheels made of polyolefin. The wheels are mounted inside the cradle frame, which is perfect if you do not have too much space in your drum storing room.
-          With outboard wheels. Because the wheels are stuck out, the cradle presents more stability.
-          With swivel casters made of polyolefin that are mounted inboard. These give maximum maneuverability.
-          With swivel casters plus drip tray kit with absorbent pan.
-          With swivel casters plus replacement absorbent pan. The slide-out drip tray helps prevent messy work area.
Whichever type tipping lever drum cradle you want to choose, make sure it fits the environment of your working site and the tools you already have. Should any confusion occurs, do not hesitate to contact Bay Tec Containers friendly staff for the right recommendation for you.

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