Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zee Line Hand Drum Pumps

We have discussed one of Zee Line Drum Pumps - Zee Line Economy Steel Lift Pump -  two days ago. Now we are going to discuss a few models that share similarities on how they work and how they fit similar drums.

Basically these Zee Line pumps are good fit to many solvents and chemicals. They handle many light liquids and chemicals by delivering about 8 ounces per upstroke. On the pump you have a removable discharge spout that allows the attachment of clear vinyl hose assembly. If your barrels store between 15 to 55 gallons and have 2" NPS bung opening, you should look no further than these Zee Line pumps.

What you need to pay attention to is the type of solvent or fluid you are storing.

Nylon Plastic Stainless Steel Pump and Plastic Pump with Vinyl Hose Assembly will be suitable for stronger chemicals and solvents as well as edible products like cooking oils. While if you store paint thinners and other general solvents, Nylon Plastic Nickel Plated Pump will definitely work best. Weak acids, anti-freeze and some mild chemicals and detergents will want Polypropylene Plastic Nickel-Plated Pump

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