Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drum Vents

On sale price at the moment, we have highly versatile drum vents!!!

Especially when you are storing flammable liquid, you will most likely need one of these drum vents. They prevent dangerous pressure build-up and airlock if your drums are exposed to heat or fire. The vent plugs automatically open at 5 psi/internal pressure to protect the drum. There is a built-in flame arrestor that prevents "flashback" ignition of the vented vapor to the drum contents.

Drum vents that fit 2" NPS bung opening come in choices of vertical and horizontal drum vents. Vertical drum vents include the ones made of Polyethylene steel (for petroleum-based chemicals), polyethylene stainless (for chlorinated solvents and corrosive chemicals), and all brass (for petroleum-based chemicals).

Horizontal drum vents also fit 2" NPS bung opening of drums stored on side. With automatic pressure relief, the vents manually relieve vacuum when draining contents. The varieties include drum vents with all brass and all brass steel.

If you need assistance in deciding which vents are for your drums, contact our representative at 888-460-3786.

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