Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drum/Pail Washer

If it is too much for you to manually wash your own drums or pails, or maybe you just have too many drums to wash periodically in your workplace, this drum pail washer can be a great investment for a more practical work.

For use with steel and plastic drums and pails, the washer can take 500 lb of capacity as it is made of 10 gauge carbon steel construction. If it is a pail that you need to wash, there is an adjustable pail retainer in the washer unit we offer.

This base unit includes:
  1. ½" NPT water inlet
  2. Water level switches
  3. Bag filter
  4. 12" oil skimmer
  5. 7-day skimmer timer
  6. 7-day heat timer
  7. Thermometer

With electrical requirements of 230 volts, 60 cycles, 3 phase, 40 amps (20 amps if you use 460 volt), a user manual guide is provided with these packages. However, this doesn't include installation fee.
To find out more about this fantastic washer, call us now.

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