Friday, November 26, 2010

GRACO® 350 Series: Hose Reels for Grease and Oil Pumps

For your grease drum pumps, one of these hose reels could be a great advantage. Consisting of 50' of hose, heavy-duty spring, bearings and latch, the hose reels are useful to reach more service areas when you pump from a stationary tank.

With the ratchet latch included in the package, work can be improved more productively as excessive hose is not going to get in the way as the pump is working.

The GRACO 350 series are divided to:

Then we also have hose inlet kit, which is required to connect the hose reel to the hose from the tank. If you buy one of the hose reels above, you might want to purchase this hose inlet kit, too.

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