Monday, November 29, 2010

Green Usage of Plastic Containers

Below are some suggestions on how you can better treat your plastic containers so that they are safe to use for you and the family.

  1. When you have to purchase a plastic container, go with high-quality food storage containers. These will last for years and that is a reason enough not to fill the landfill with one-time use things only.
  2. Fatty foods like meat and cheese, especially when hot, should not be stored in plastic containers or plastic wrap. These types of food are likely to help the transfer of plastic toxins.
  3. Use a nonabrasive soap when washing reusable plastic containers. And do it with your hands. Dishwashers and other detergents can scratch plastic, which can encourage bacteria to stay.
  4. Don't microwave foods in one-time use containers like yogurt tubes or take-out bowls. They can melt or warp and can possibly transfer harmful chemicals into the food.
  5. Also to be safe, don't use microwave-safe plastic containers in the microwave. The microwavable lable means that the plastic doesn't melt or fall apart when used in the microwave. But it does not guarantee that it doesn't leach chemicals into the foods.
  6. Get rid of your old plastic containers. Especially when you see that they are badly scratched, it is one obvious indication that you should stop using it to store food. However, you can still use the container to store non-food items.

Would you say that you go green now that you know how easy it is to start it simply with your plastic containers

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