Sunday, November 28, 2010

ORION® 1:1 Oil Dispenser Pump

Storing petroleum or synthetic based oils need special oil transfer pumps to work with. We have quite some varieties that you can choose from. But today we will be discussing Oriona oil dispenser pumps.

Oriona 1:1 is divided into 2 choices; i.e. Orional oil dispenser drum pump for quick transfer and Oriona oil stub pump for dispensing specific amount of oil. They are both ideal for dispensing oil directly from the pump's lever tap. With an operating pressure of 25 – 145 psi, the pump delivers 7 gallon per minute and displays high performance even in tough operating conditions.

They have fewer moving parts for less wear and reduce noise as dispensing activity is conducted, and the simple one-touch dispensing system is so easy to use?

The pumps come with a ¼ inch air inlet, ¾ inch oil outlet and a 2" bung adapter.

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