Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oriona 1:1 Oil Pumps and Stub Pumps

Delivering more than the other Oriona oil pumps that we discussed before, this type of Oriona 1:1 oil pumps are capable in dispensing free flow 10.5 gallon per minute. They are awesome for dispensing activity in short distances (up to 30 ft.)

There are variations for these pumps: Oriona oil drum pumps 1:1 and Oriona oil stub pumps 1:1. Both pumps have a ¼ inch air inlet, ¾ inch oil outlet, a 2" bung adapter and work at 28-145 psi. The stub pumps could be mounted on the wall or on the tank.

It is also possible to buy these Oriona 1:1 oil pumps in packages. They will include the pump itself, 18 ft hose and digital oil meter.

For the Oriona 1:1 oil drum pump package, click here.
For the Oriona 1:1 oil stub pump package, click here.

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