Sunday, November 14, 2010

Plastic Rotary Drum Pumps

We have discussed about rotary drum pumps before. A more stable and higher performance type of pumps compared to the piston or lever model, rotary drum pumps are a nice choice for those who need to save energy while working. We talked about economical rotary drum pumps, blackmer rotary pumps for the flammables, and Teflon PTFE rotary drum pumps. This time we are going to reveal plastic rotary drum pumps.

There are two types for this plastic category of pumps. The first one is made of polypropylene and the other ryton. If you need to choose between these two plastic rotary pumps, you need to ask yourself what content are you planning to dispense from it. Polypropylene Plastic Rotary Drum Pumps are ideal for most organic acids, waxes, plating solution, detergents and water-soluble inorganic chemicals; while Ryton Plastic Rotary Drum Pumps handle more aggressive chemicals like esters, ketones, and hydrocarbons.

Polypropylene pumps are able to deliver up to 8 GPM. These pumps are still broken into two other subsections: polypropylene pumps with polypropylene rotor and those with ryton rotor. Both have a polypropylene 40" 3-piece S.S. suction tube.

Ryton pumps dispense up to 6 GPM, less than polypropylene pumps. But they are extremely useful when you have to handle more hostile chemicals. If you order one of these, a stainless steel discharge tube and a 40" 3-piece S.S. suction tube comes with the package as well as a 2" NPS bung adapter.

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