Monday, November 15, 2010

Polyethylene Rotary Drum Pump

Another inexpensive alternative of rotary drum pump besides these economical rotary pumps is the polyethylene rotary drum pump. It is lightweight and pumps liquid up to 6 gallon per minute.

While economical rotary pumps are good for light oils and anti freeze or other non-flammable and non-combustible liquids, the polyethylene rotary pumps are best to use with most water, organic acids, waxes, plating solution, detergents and water-soluble inorganic chemicals. So if you are ever indecisive which pump to use between these two types, always refer to the fluid you are storing first. Which is compatible for your content?

If you are keeping the liquids mentioned above for polyethylene rotary drum pumps, it may be good to take one for your production. The polyethylene rotary drum pump comes with 3-piece S.S suction tube and a standard 2" bung adapter.

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