Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuthill Quart/Liter Stroke Pumps

These stroke pumps give you the options of dispensing your liquid (mostly petroleum products and non-corrosive liquids) by quart or by liter. All it takes is just a little adjustment on the calibration screw at the top of the pump.

Made of cast iron with a Delrin® piston and Viton seals, the pumps are highly reliable. They come in two choices: standard polypropylene telescoping suction tube and steel telescoping suction tube. Both thread directly into 2" drum bung opening and adjust from 22' to 40" to fit 15-55 gallon drums. They are also equipped with padlockable handle to avoid accidental dispensing.

How the pump works: 
  1. Revolve the handle once to fill chamber with fluid.
  2. Swing the return tube out of the way.
  3. Align your vessel under the spout.
  4. Revolve handle again once to dispense liquid.
  5. Remove you vessel and the return tube will go back to its home position under the spout.
  6. The tube collects drips and automatically returns them to the drum.

Sounds like a nice pump to have, right? Go check out the links if the budget fits you.

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