Monday, December 20, 2010

Drum Leak Tester

If you just reconditioned your drums or you bought reconditioned drums, you should always check if your drums are not leaking before reusing. Imagine you already restock the drums and later you find out that it leaks.
That is why you need this drum leak tester. Designed for steel drums, the leak tester is easy to perform and takes hardly any time to test your drums for leaks. The result is reliable too! Here is how to operate the drum leak tester:
  • Insert the test plug into 2" NPS bung
  • Turn on the air supply; the pilot light will be turned on.
  • If there is any leak detected, the pilot light will be off.

Buy this drum tester, and you will have air control panel, NEMA 7/9 120 volt pilot light, NEMA 1 pressure switch, test plug assembly, two 10' hose assemblies, and 25' air tubing with fittings to connect pressure switch to control panel. The units are factory pre-set according to your needs, but afterwards they are non-adjustable. So, make it right in advance.

Check out this amazing inexpensive drum leak tester here.

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