Thursday, December 16, 2010

Drum Trucks for Plastic Drums

Sometimes, being mobile is highly crucial at a huge workplace. When drums need to be moved frequently from one place to another, drum trucks come in handy.

These drum trucks in discussion are dedicated to handle plastic drums. With welded steel frame at 1.24" diameter, the drum trucks can handle about 1000 lbs capacity. The trucks have replaceable toe pads to minimize the possibility of breakage on the plastic or poly drums when being transported. The drum trucks are also equipped with locking belt mechanism that functions to keep the drum secure on the trucks.

Another plus that these drum trucks offer is the replaceable, floating, spring loaded axle to break back the load easier. It also enables the drum trucks to stand upright.

These drum trucks come in two models: standard drum trucks and universal drum trucks. Both come in three kinds of wheels: mold-on rubber wheels, steel wheels and polyolefin wheels. The only difference between the two is that universal drum trucks are designed to handle all poly drums including overpacks, while the standard drum trucks do not handle overpacks.

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