Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fairbanks Drum Dolly

So you have a very heavy 55 gallon drum that needs some sort of mobility. However, the item you are storing inside weighs about 800 pounds. You can't possibly use plastic dolly. It is good only for lighter drums (around 30 – 50 gallon drums). So what should you do?

You should opt this Fairbanks drum dolly. Perfect to handle up to 1,000 lbs of 55 gallon drum, the Fairbanks drum dolly rolls smoothly on 3 inch swiveling polyolefin casters. It handles square or round 55 gallon drums (or smaller). With the cross-famed steel construction and tough epoxy finish, the Fairbanks drum dolly is hard to resist for a real heavy content drum.

Right now with Mfg warranty of 12 months parts / 12 months labor in stock, the dolly is discounted to a mere $ 69.95 from the original price of $ 79.99. Not only that, we offer free shipping for this item. Contact us now to order one of these.

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