Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flammable Liquid Recovery Vac

When handling a lot of spilled flammable liquid, you might need more than just the First Response Spill Kits. You need a safer vacuum to take all the spilled liquid. The Flammable Liquid Recovery Vac is ideal for that.

Designed to perform safe vacuuming of flammable liquids, this recovery vac works quietly with minimum maintenance. It is air operated and can contain up to 55 gallon of spilled liquids. The flammable liquid recovery vac comes with:
  1. Lid assembly with locking lid latches
  2. Pressure relief valve
  3. Liquid shut off
  4. Intake hose closure
  5. 25' x 1.5" grounded neoprene vacuum hose with nitrile core
  6. Aluminum operator handle with 14" floor squeegee
  7. All steel dolly with 5" conductive wheels
  8. Silencer

All that needs 100 psi air supply for optimum performance. You may as well use it with a static grounded air line (sold separately). We have 25' air line and 50' air line.

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